How to Help Your Child Maintain a Good Relationship With Their Grandparents

How to Help Your Child Maintain a Good Relationship With Their Grandparents

The love between a grandchild and a grandparent is immeasurable, but balancing a busy work schedule with other commitments can mean visiting the grandparents takes a backseat. The sacred bond between the two generations can deteriorate over time, which can be heartbreaking for everyone involved. Here is a guide to help you maintain a good relationship between your child and their grandparents.

Benefits of Bonding

There are many reasons to encourage bonding between a grandchild and their grandparent. There are benefits for everyone involved. This could include developing a caring personality for your child, and the grandparents will benefit from a better quality of life.

Develop a Strong Sense of Character

Children who grow up with grandparents in their lives often develop a strong connection with their loved ones. As their grandparents grow older, children will see their loved one go through changes. They will see their parents care for their grandparents, and in turn, they will develop a caring and compassionate nature. Learning to care for others at a young age can help kids develop a strong sense of character.

Be More Respectful

Being close to older people at a young age will help them develop a sense of respect for their elders. Growing up with a senior citizen in their life will help remove any negative feelings towards the older generation. This could include viewing elderly people as ignorant and weak. Maintaining a close relationship with their grandparents will help break down stereotypes and barriers.

Additional Support

In addition to parents, grandparents can provide their grandkids with another source of support. When in need of emotional support, children will have more loving adults to turn to for encouragement. Furthermore, they will gain another perspective should they ask their grandparents for advice.

Become More Accepting

Children in close contact with older people will see them cope with ailments that come with old age and will be more likely to cope better with the concept of old age later in life. This can help them emotionally when they go through similar circumstances with their parents, and even in later years when they become older adults.

Improved Quality of Life

It is said that loneliness is a bigger killer than obesity, and it is associated with an increased risk of developing certain diseases. Social interaction with grandchildren can challenge the mind and bring joy to the lives of grandparents. Social isolation and loneliness can increase a grandparent’s risk of dementia and cognitive decline. Regular interaction with kids can reduce the risk of depression in older adults.

Grandparents Aging in Place

The process of growing old at home is called aging in place, and many older adults choose to do so if they manage to retain most of their independence as they age. In this scenario, in-home caregivers are sometimes employed to carry out daily tasks such as grocery shopping and other household chores.

Caring For Grandparents at Home

In the 21st century, multigenerational living is uncommon, and you will rarely find three generations living under one roof or even within the same community. However, when a grandparent requires additional help with their daily life activities, the easiest solution is sometimes for them to move in with the family. The benefits of having a grandparent at home are that your child gets to see their loved one every single day. They can develop a closer bond than if they were living separately; however, it is important that you establish some ground rules to ensure that boundaries aren’t crossed. Keep communication channels open, and accept advice, but don’t be afraid to put your foot down if you know you are in the right.

Senior Living

If your loved one’s health begins to deteriorate or develop a debilitating illness or condition, senior living may be the best way to help them maintain their quality of life. Senior living facilities for adults who require extra help include assisted living and memory care. Assisted living is ideal for people who need an extra hand with activities in daily living, while memory care is an excellent choice for seniors with memory disorders. Belmont Village provides memory care and assisted living in Sunnyvale. Their facilities are equipped with well-trained staff and licensed nurses who are onsite 24/7. In addition, residents can benefit from being part of a wider community and are able to socialize with like-minded people.

Help Your Child Adjust

If your child has become accustomed to their loved one living at home with them, it can be confusing when they are suddenly gone. Make sure you are honest with your child. In a child-friendly way, explain to them that your loved one will be cared for in their new community and that you can visit whenever you want. Quality senior living facilities encourage family visits, and so you should take your child to see their grandparent as often as possible.

Family Day Trips and Vacations

A great way to bring the entire family together is by going on a family day trip or vacation. When organizing the trip, instill excitement in your child to make sure they view the upcoming event in a positive light. Going out as a family will create valuable moments that your child can look back on fondly.

Stay Connected

In this day and age, don’t let distance be an issue. Use technology to your advantage by teaching grandparents how to use the internet. With technology, grandparents can interact with their kids using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

Regular Visits

Encourage a healthy relationship by taking your child to visit on the weekend or allowing the grandparents to babysit your child after school. Not only will this allow their relationship to grow, but it will also give you more time for yourself too. Besides visiting the grandparents, encourage them to visit your home as well. Interaction with their grandparents in a familiar environment will help children feel more safe and secure, and in turn, they will be more likely to trust their grandparents and develop a deeper bond.

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