Why Google Nest Hello Is the Best Video Doorbell

Google Nest Hello video doorbell

As times are changing, so are the security needs of homeowners. People are now investing heavily in their home security given the number of home invasions and crimes that are being committed. Some of the popular choices of home security systems are surveillance cameras, security alarms, motion sensors, entry sensors, sirens, panic buttons and something that most of us wouldn’t have thought of, video doorbells. Depending on a home or property owner’s budget, these are the usual and the popular choices of devices people opt for.

The best part is that many of these devices now feature smart technology, categorizing them as Smart Home devices – which means they are user-friendly, hassle-free to install and update, and also give you peace of mind once they are installed and working. Many of these gadgets allow homeowners to view what’s going on, on their properties from remote locations using just an app and an internet connection. Watching over your personal property has never been easier.

The Popular Choice

Recently, video doorbells are becoming quite popular across the country. Quickly becoming known as a compact but powerful way to monitor home security, these small devices can monitor what’s happening at your doorstep and also record a few hours’ worth of video for you to view later at any time. They come with a high quality, built in microphone that allows you to communicate with someone at the door from a safe distance, and from wherever you are really thanks to their mobile applications.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Currently, the Google Nest Hello video doorbell is becoming a customer favorite. Priced from $179.99 to $229.00, this smart video doorbell is a must-have for homeowners, if they are looking for a cost-effective and powerful home security system. Here are a few reasons why this is one of the best models to buy.

  1. The Video Doorbell’s Specifications

The Google Nest Hello video doorbell is worth the price (available to order online, starting from $179.99), and also comes in a few different colors, depending on your aesthetic – white, beige, green and grey. The box also includes a mounting plate so you can adjust your bell’s viewing angle.

The battery-operated variant has a long battery life of two and a half months between charges, and the wide-angle camera view allows you to fully see who is at your door or gate – featuring a great horizontal and vertical view. The device can also record videos in HDR and night vision, at a quality of 960 x 1280 pixels and 30 frames per second!

  1. Compatible with Different Kinds of Properties

This smart video doorbell comes with the option of battery-operated or wired variants. This means, the Google Nest Hello video doorbell is ideal to install anywhere, from apartments and homes, to office enterprises and commercial buildings. 

This means more and more property owners now have the option to invest in at least one device to keep their property safe, and also choose from the kind of model they want to serve their needs. Whether wired or run-on battery, this video doorbell comes in both kinds with not much of a difference in the price or features. 

  1. Longest Video Recording 

The smart doorbell can record up to three hours’ worth of event history, one of the longest video recordings. This gives homeowners peace of mind when they are out, and doubles the video doorbell as a small surveillance system as well.

The Nest Doorbells are definitely worth the investment, given these smart doorbells can do the job of two security devices, and save extra costs of having to install any expensive CCTV system. You can also extend the video storage plan by purchasing a subscription to the Nest Aware plan later on. 

  1. Real-Time Alerts 

The Nest Doorbells feature smart tech that sends you real-time alerts anytime the bell rings, and even when it doesn’t! If someone steps within a few meters of the device you are instantly alerted. This entails that you can watch what’s happening at your door or gate just to be cautious. 

These doorbells can also differentiate between an object, a person and an animal, so you won’t have to worry about getting unnecessary alerts every time the neighbor’s dog wanders by your porch.

Given how Google invests heavily in its products to give users a great experience, this new-age video doorbell seems to be a very promising buy. The Nest Video Doorbells are priced well, available in two different kinds of variants, and are also available in four different colors. This powerful device is the answer you have been looking for – whether you’re a beginner at home security or are looking to upgrade your existing system.

Find the Google Nest Video Doorbell on and get one for your home today. It is worth every penny!

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