Goran Dragic Turned Down A ‘Cheerleading Role’ With The Mavs

When the Mavs entered this offseason, the prevailing expectation was that Goran Dragic would lastly land in Dallas as a no cost agent soon after years of the Mavs having described curiosity in landing the Slovenian mentor of their budding celebrity, Luka Doncic.

Dragic and Doncic’s close relationship has been well documented and the two had been even paying this summer playing jointly for the Slovenian countrywide group, but when the time came for Dragic to come to a decision on his new household, he chose the Chicago Bulls around the Mavericks, which astonished several — together with Dallas admirers who have required Dragic in city for some time. It was difficult for numerous to determine out why the Mavs wouldn’t have been in on Dragic talks, primarily with him having a one particular-year offer for the minimal.

The reason Dragic is in Chicago and not Dallas isn’t that the Mavs would not supply him a offer, but that the position they were being extending was not what Dragic required. In an job interview with Slovenian newspaper Vecer, Dragic stated that Dallas had made available him a “cheerleading position,” that would’ve witnessed him perform sparingly, whilst the Bulls were being supplying him the prospect to play 20 or far more minutes a evening — by way of a translation from Matej Sportinfo on Twitter (h/t Mavs Moneyball).

That undoubtedly tends to make feeling for Dragic, as he’s plainly not ready to absolutely fade to the track record as a player and just be in a mentor style position. For Mavs enthusiasts, it will be irritating to locate out this was the big difference in him becoming in Dallas and not, significantly offered they do not presently have a apparent initiator off the bench with Jalen Brunson leaving city. Frank Ntilikina supplies a strong defensive solution at stage guard off the bench, but aside from Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie, they’re lacking in solid offensive alternatives. Though Dragic may not be what he once was, he is nevertheless a able offensive risk and to tell him they couldn’t assurance him frequent minutes seems somewhat unusual, and if Dallas finds itself on the hunt for a lot more point guard assistance through the year, enthusiasts will not be thrilled with how Dragic slipped by means of their fingers.

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