Graphic Designers Take Note: Here is How to Get the Most out of your Instagram Profile

Graphic designers take note: Here is how to get the most out of your Instagram profile

Everyone loves Instagram. Ever since its inception, this photo-sharing app has garnered millions of fans and users around the entire world. Instagram is extremely popular for artists, designers, and independent content creators of all kinds. The importance of the tool is at an all-time high, and content creators are utilizing this platform for building audience, credibility, and reputation. So, is there a trick to all, or can anyone do it?

Yes, the truth is anyone can do it, provided you follow a few necessary steps to ensure you enjoy the global reach and increase in popularity through Instagram. It is not only the place for young designers to get inspired and share the content of other posters but also to build a personal network and a stable popularity/follower base. Keep in mind that this is a visual medium, and there are specific golden rules that you need to abide by at all times. 

So, as a graphic designer, how would you go about using Instagram? Let us have a look.

Consistent posting

The first step is to post consistently. Here is what you need to understand regarding Instagram. Since this is a photo-sharing platform, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that any user will follow several accounts. It means you need to stand out with your posts and images you share.

You should be easily identifiable with your posts, and it should be consistent enough with your services and products so that the branding and the image don’t get diluted. It’s about the thought behind every post that counts and what it tries to communicate with your followers. With consistent posting, there is a sort of constant reaffirmation of the values you stand for, and it works wonderfully well when you are looking to develop your concern into a brand. 

The presence of a story is vital

Keep in mind the importance of a story. Instagram is a visual medium, and therefore you don’t have to do it with words. This is both the easy as well as the hard part. Of course, with the new “stories” feature, you can now add an in-depth narrative to what you share, but in reality, Instagram is ideal for microblogging where you can put in a lot with images alone. A mix of still and videos will be enough for you to highlight your creative best while telling a story regarding your perspective about the world. 

Edit to the best of your ability

Editing is essential, and everyone should do it before posting on Instagram. If it is aesthetics that you are worried about, then keep in mind that nothing works better than editing to put your best foot forward. You have one job on Instagram, and that is to make a photo look beautiful, and this is what you should put all your efforts into. Keep in mind that as far as pictures are concerned, the bottom line is “less is more.”

Instagram as a business strategy

Instagram can be used to make a business profile account. You can add names and location tags to make it easier for the users to identify and connect to your concern. Approach your images and posts as an extension of your firm’s portfolio and brand representation. Inspired art should be an exception, and you should make it a point to create unique content that is in line with your venture goals while maintaining a level of consistency about the theme. 

There are branding hashtags that you should use to increase the reach of your posts. When you are hosting ads or featured products, then make sure that it fits with your products and services. Also, keep in mind that with a business profile, you will get a ton of analytical and data to support to understand which posts are doing well to focus your effort and drive the business better. 

Interaction is vital

It is vital to understand that without interaction, the entire endeavor falls apart. If you are looking to broaden your scope, then you need audience interaction, and this is why the term “social media” is justified. Make the connection with authentic users and profiles who will legitimately interact with your posts through comments and likes.

This will, in turn, have a positive impact on the number of followers and help your concern to grow exponentially. To gain new followers, you can start sharing authority content from other profiles as well, which will redirect traffic into your page and enable you to generate leads.

To give you the much-needed boost with followers, likes, and comments, you can work with a third-party firm to provide you with authentic users to increase the interaction with your profile. You can buy Instagram likes 50 or more by simply registering for the service. All the best!!!

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