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If you’ve ever had an express need to have your business cleaned by true professionals, you may be thrown for a loop on how to choose them. The truth is, most companies are unable to keep a schedule free enough for their business to have the proper amount of cleaning, and a lot of thought has to be held accountable during this. Some companies hire their cleaning professionals outright, while many are still faced with the pressures of needing to hire an external company, but they’re actually the ones benefitting more. In this guide to commercial cleaning, we’re going to cover some benefits and tell you how you can hire the right company for you!

Is Hiring an Outside Company Worth It?

You all know the dreaded horror stories of your colleagues and their outsourcing stories in which they hire an external company and been burnt – but the fact of the matter is that most companies just didn’t do their research before hiring a contracted cleaning company. The truth is, there are many benefits that a company can gain. These can include:

  • Not having to pay for the additional labor costs, insurance, and workman’s compensation benefits.
  • Saving more money by getting a company that gives you exactly what you need, and doesn’t do anything more
  • With the above being said, you get what you pay for when you hire out.

Is it Expensive?

As stated above, we covered the fact briefly that you’re going to save more out of pocket expenses by not hiring an internal team of commercial cleaners. If you make your own department, you either have to have your hiring period, and often times, you’re going to get some people that want hired internally – leaving you at a loss of a person in that individual’s previous department. Also, you’re going to sometimes have to train people, and this increases wages for labor that are all on you and how well you train them. Then comes the cost of having to hold onto those employees, pay for their sick leave, vacation, and so much more. Hiring M&M Cleaning can save you thousands of dollars (and even millions in the long run).

Should I Prove That They’re Legit?

You want to make sure that first of all, that your business of choice has some form of paperwork to back up that they’re a legitimate business, or that they make money regularly doing this type of work. They can be licensed & insured, but if they’re not then that’s alright too, but you want to ensure that they cover all of the bases that you need.


Work that you may need, and that a good professional cleaner should be able to do is vacuuming all of your floors, mopping of your hard surface floors (this may include occasional waxing/buffing when necessary), dusting off everything, emptying office trash, and eliminating residual contaminants (sanitizing) of your employees’ workspaces at the very least. Take your time and shop around, ask plenty of questions when you go through your hiring process, and make sure that they work with you, and can help you get the most out of your commercial cleaning experience.

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