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Guide to Dubai’s famous tourist attraction-Must visit sights in the city

Guide to Dubai's famous tourist attraction-Must visit sights in the city


The city of futuristic high-rises and old heritage, Dubai has emerged from desert land to become one of the best tourist destinations in the whole world. Dubai has always wowed its visitors, delivering premium hospitality, beautiful sightseeing, rip-roaring adventures, and of course! Easy access to Dubai visa.

Whether you come with your family and friends or with your spouse, these best tourist attractions in Dubai will give you some of the best experiences of your life.

Capture the sunset in Dubai Frame

Launched in 2018, the Dubai Frame is the largest frame structure inspired by the logo of the spectacular event held at EXPO 2020. It is one of the architectural marvels standing in a list of Dubai landmarks that frames the remarkable views of old and new Dubai. View the history blending with futuristic developments as you witness the gorgeous sunset captured in the Dubai Frame.

Ride over the dunes.

Dubai is also the home to the best desert safaris. You will not get enough adventure activities to do in the Dubai desert. Starting from a morning desert safari to an overnight desert safari, enjoy the mind-blowing sunrise and sunset over the horizon and get entertained by the night desert campfire. Spotting desert wildlife with Arab cuisine is a must-try activity on a Dubai desert safari.

Sunbathing in Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach is one of Dubai’s top attractions open to the public. The vast white sand beach is lined with lavish hotels and clubs and has excellent facilities with numerous stalls of food and beverages to devour. For adventure seekers, Jumeirah Beach offers several activities like kite surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, and more.

A Tour of Global Village Dubai

The Global Village comprises the culture of the 90s across the world in one place. It claims to be the largest and most significant tourism and entertainment project in the UAE. Inviting over five million tourists each year, Global Village has an array of events and things to do, giving you an exceptional cultural experience.

A spiritual experience at Jumeirah Mosque

Since 1998, Jumeirah Mosque has always opened its doors to visitors, including non-Muslims. The architecture is constructed in the traditional Fatimid style, inspired by Syria and Egypt. Six days a week, Jumeirah Mosque grants 75-minute guided tours to explore and learn about Islamic culture and Emirati tradition.

Dubai Dolphinarium

The dolphinarium in Dubai gives you the most unique and entertainment-packed experience with talented and majestic Black Sea Bottlenose dolphins. A popular tourist destination in Dubai for its cute and interactive shows. Along with the dolphins, the shows also turn heads over the South American Fur Seals and the first and only show featuring exotic birds, including the world’s magnificent bird of prey, the Sea Eagle of Steller.

Try haggling skills at the souks of Deira.

Deira is renowned for its traditional souks, including a range of souks restored to showcase authentic architecture. You can spot a variety of goods on offer, from toys to home décor and antique designer jewelry. It also has a spice souk that sells almost every spice, with bags filled with cumin, paprika, sumac, saffron, and fragrant woods.

Give a treat to your eyes at the colorful Dubai Miracle Garden.

One thing that describes Dubai Miracle Garden is Wow-tiful. Yes, because it is one of the most beautiful and largest natural floral gardens existing on the planet and has wow-ingly 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It is a paradise for lovers as well as for nature-seekers. Two eyes are not enough to capture these elegant flowers spreading everywhere, cherishing your lost mood at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai spoils you the most. From shopping malls to vintage stalls, ensure to visit these famous places in Dubai that every traveler must explore.

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