A Step-by-step Guide To Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Trends of 2020


It’s the digital age where almost everyone has a mobile phone. Distance is no longer a barrier to relationships. You can now call your friend across the globe with just the swipe of a finger. We know every single thing about everyone we follow on social media, and we use various apps for different purposes.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing capitalizes on this very gathering of humans across the world on various platforms. It involves advertising products and services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These ads are highly personalised to cater to target audiences and usually incorporate interactive elements to attract their audience.

Read on to find out how to boost Instagram followers, which platform is the best to market goods and how to use social media to convert sales. 

Creating an Effective Strategy

Here are some essential pointers to understand about social media marketing:

  1. Understand Your Target Audience:

Each social media platform has its purpose and takes pride in its Unique Selling Point. For example, Facebook markets itself as an accessible platform with a broader user base. However, LinkedIn has more of a professional role and constitutes a different set of users. Hence, depending upon your product, you should identify which platform works best.

  1. Define a Specific Budget and Schedule:

Social media marketing is like any other traditional marketing campaign. Various platforms require different kinds of budgets to help boost communication and help it reach your target audience. Thus, by having a predetermined budget in mind, you can make an informed choice of which platform you choose to market your product on.

Also, you need to devise a marketing schedule. You may be familiar with scheduling if you have ever had the chance to set up any Facebook ads. It refers to planning what content to publish on various social media platforms beforehand. You should also decide on when your ads will be posted. Generally, you should plan your strategy on a monthly basis.

  1. Content Specifics:

Marketing is all about messaging. You must ensure that the communication presented to your audience is of top quality and highly engaging. For example, you could use Pinterest ads to create engaging and exciting content to grab the attention of your audience. With the help of websites like InVideo, Biteable, Envato, etc. you could create professional-level designs to give your product a competitive edge.

  1. Know Your Platform:

It is imperative to understand the facilities and features of your chosen platform. On Instagram, for example, you could use either the news feed or stories for advertising your product. Similarly, some products may tend to find most efficiency on a platform like WhatsApp. The point is to understand that different platforms could offer different ways to obtain maximum results.

  1. Metrics of Social Media Marketing:

Social media allows you to reach a huge audience. One unique feature of social media platforms is its engagement metrics. These include likes, shares, retweets, subscriptions, etc. These are the tangible insights that allow you to get a clear picture of how your marketing campaign is performing on the platform. You should take advantage of these tools to understand your audience and modify your message if needed.

What are the Specifications for Content Marketed on Social Media?

The content itself needs to be attractive. If it doesn’t manage to create an impact, then no scheduling or budgeting can save the ship. Let’s assume you want to create Facebook ads to communicate the core philosophy of your brand. With a website like InVideo, you can get your hands on readymade templates of accurate aspect ratios that suit the platform. Thus, all the technicalities are taken care of, and all you are required to is to fill in your content.

Content also depends on user behaviour. Some content may be text-heavy, while others rely more on visuals. This, in turn, determines user engagement with your ads.  This gives you an understanding of the kind of content that you should create.

Did you know that most of the marketing video content out there is designed to work successfully even without any audio? This is done keeping in mind a user’s insight. A majority of users choose to watch videos without sound. Similarly, it is also observed that communication that doesn’t grab the user’s attention in the first 3 to 5 seconds usually gets swiped away and forgotten by most.


Thus, social media marketing can reap you unimaginable rewards if you play your cards right. It’s essential to be well informed and knowledgeable about how these platforms work and how your users think.

In today’s age, it is an opportunity that can accelerate the good fortunes of many small and medium businesses. For anybody who wants to sell anything, social media marketing is the bus you don’t want to miss!

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