Hair Colour Techniques, Trends, and Shades to watch out in 2021

Hair Colour Techniques, Trends, and Shades to watch out in 2021

Getting a new look with different hair colours is more fun than one can imagine. If you want to try something new, depending on the season, mood, or a momentous occasion, it is good to try something new. The easiest and most noticeable change can occur by simply changing your hair colour and trying a unique style. But the question is which hair colour would suit me? 

The idea is not to follow a trend blindly. Every one of us is unique. For example, a hair colour that looks great on straight hair will look different from someone with curly hair. So it’s imperative to keep in mind the original shade of your hair colour, hair type, complexion, personality type, profession, and most importantly, how much time are you ready to devote to looking after your coloured hair? 

What are Hair Colours?

Hair colours are applied to change the natural colour of your hair and give you a different look. Hair colours came into vogue with a single purpose of covering white or grey hair. But later, as the fashion industry started evolving and capitalised on the latent need in people to look different. That gave birth to this hair colour industry where every age group gets the freedom to choose a hair colour she loves.

The love for hair colour is so much, and the need is so diverse; every day, there is a new hair colour trend with new launches, new shades, and new techniques. 

Hair Colour techniques: 

There are many hair colour techniques, broadly categorised as Balayage, lowlights, highlights, ombre, sombre, and bronde. If you want to colour your hair at home, you can watch several online video tutorials following any techniques. Also, the hair colour type that you select should be basis your comfort.

 If you are a beginner, start with temporary colour. As the name suggests, it is a safe experiment, to begin with as they fade with each wash. 

Choose a colour based on your expertise in application and understanding of hair colours that work for you. Keep in mind your skin type, complexion, hair texture and age. Look for a semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent hair colour shade and apply one popular technique. 

Semi-permanent hair colour contains no ammonia. It is usually too mild to cover grey. But it helps to add sheen and restores fading colour. Usually washes off in 5 to 10 washes. 

Demi-Permanent hair colour is a notch stronger than semi-permanent hair colour. It helps blend highlights, rejuvenates fading hair colour, adds colour to blonde or bleached hair, darkens hair colour shades and balances between new and old hair colours by filling up the gaps that require a refresh. It contains low ammonia and washes off between 12 to 24 washes. 

Permanent hair colour- The strongest and the most difficult to remove. This hair colour changes the shade, alters your personality totally from making you a brunette from blonde, and covers grey wonderfully. It contains ammonia and does not wash off for a very long time. It chemically changes the colour of the hair shaft through cuticles, and hence growing it out is the best way to remove this colour. So accurate its name, it may stay with you for a very long time. 

Things to take care of before applying Hair Color

Ensure a few things before applying your hair colour. Be it at home or a salon.

  • First of all, select a shade that suits your face.
  • If you cannot choose the correct shade for yourself, click a picture of yourself and edit the hair to the colour you desire. And see how it looks on you.
  • If you are still confused by the look, ask your stylist for advice.
  • Check the contents of your hair colour.
  • If you are looking for something that would stay longer, then go with the ammonia colour. But ammonia rips your hair off of the natural proteins on the coat.
  • While no-ammonia colour does not damage your hair to that extent, they are also quick to fade.
  • Always make sure first to test the colour you are applying on a strand of your hair. And then go for the whole hair.
  • There are times when the hair colours have excessively damaged the hair.

Trend and Colours To Try in 2021

A few styles and colours are on the top trending list among people in terms of hair colours in 2021.

Hazelnut Brown: This hair colour is an easy way to upgrade your hair colour style. If you are someone who flaunts dark hair, then this shade can prove to be an excellent choice. An interesting fact about this hair colour is that there are several ways to achieve this colour. You can either wear this as a global full brown colour can give a bit of highlight with Hazelnut brown on a brunette base colour.

Grey: The invention of hair colour was done to hide grey hair. But now, in 2021, this shade has made its place in the fashion industry. As a result, this colour is gaining popularity. The look with grey or salt pepper hair is called Smoky Ice in the fashion industry.

Ash Brown Hair: This hair can be pulled off by anyone. Provided the shade of ash brown is decided in consideration with tier skin’s undertone. Your stylist can suggest the best shades that could go with your skin tones.

Shades of Red: Another popular colour in 2021 is red. Celebrities are wearing various shades of red on occasions. It includes the range of shades from the lightest to the darkest. Every shade of red is equally popular.

The Money Piece: This style of colouring hair includes the use of bold colours. But only on the front flicks of your hair, keeping the rest of your hair natural black or in a light shade. This hair colour style was first done by Bella Hadid and had been trending since then.

Post-Colour Care

A few things to remember after getting your hair colour: 

  • First, Post-colour care is an important step. Skipping this may damage your hair, or the colour can wear off quickly.
  • Do not wash your hair within 72 hours of hair colour. Only wash your hair after 72 hrs.
  • Do not wash your hair too often after hair colour. It helps the colour stay longer.
  • Make sure to use a colour-protect shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair.
  • Do not heat and treat your hair too often after hair colour.
  • If you want to heat and treat them, first use a heat protection serum on your hair.

These were some tips and tricks that will help you decide your next colour and look.

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