Health Benefits of Bamboo Plants

Bamboo Plants


Best Health Benefits of Bamboo Plants at Home

Bamboo plant is a multi functional plant and we all are aware of some of the amazing benefits of this great plant. The plant is known for its charming properties that include attracting positive vibes and energy to home according to Feng Shui. The plant is a low-maintenance one and you will get a lot of benefits from very less care. Apart from the fact that the plant is used in making furniture, pulp, for fencing, roofing, paper, flooring, etc. the plant is also a medicinal plant and if you are not aware of these benefits, then scroll down a bit and you will find it out.  So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the health benefits of bamboo plants.

Promotes Nail and Hair Health

Bambusa bamboo species contain around 90 % of Silica. Silica minerals are wealthy in oxygen  and silicon. The mineral is the reason behind the strengthening  of the connective tissues of the body. It likewise keeps up flexibility of skin, bones, nails and veins. Silica is an essential component in the human body which makes the leaves of a bamboo plant important in developing hair and nail health. When growing bamboo, no chemicals or pesticides are used and that is why the leaves can be consumed.

Antibacterial Properties

The leaves of a bamboo plant are successful in controlling the allergies that are irritating for the skin. Many skin creams contain staphylococcus aureus which can cause cellulitis, comedo, and acne. It’s suggested that you boil the fresh leaves of bamboo plant and take one cup a day until the condition vanishes.

Improves Overall Mental Health

Bamboo tea has many health benefits that will bring freshness and positivity to your mind and soul. To add fragrance to your tea, you can add lemon or jasmine to it. The nutrients that are present in the tea works effectively to provide strength to your immune system. So, a cup of bamboo tea everyday will keep you going for long!

Treatment of Respiratory Issues

Bamboo leaves can viably treat respiratory illnesses. Pick new fresh leaves, boil them and apply one spoon of honey. Take the solution two times per day. It’s viable in disposal of different types of coughs and helps in alleviating the throat. Researches have indicated that the blend has an alleviating activity on the lung tissue. The mixture wipes out thick sputum and sensation from the chest.

Treatment of Ulcers

The mixture from fresh leaves is utilized in treatment of stomach ulcers. One should take 35 grams of the juice with some other beverage, two times each day. For the tainted soles on the skin, apply the crushed leaves and afterward cover it with a delicate cloth. The leaves are additionally utilized as shed and are less sensitive to the skin.

So, these were some of the fabulous health benefits of this amazing plant. Incorporate bamboo plants in your home and office spaces to enjoy these benefits. You can buy the plants easily from an online nursery or a local nursery.

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