Health Insurance and Knee Replacement Surgeries

Health Insurance and Knee Replacement Surgeries


Medical costs are continuously going up alongside incidence of lifestyle-related illnesses in an increasingly sedentary populace. If an individual undergoes any chronic disease or major surgery, for example, a knee replacement surgery it may involve a long expensive process that includes blood tests, physical examination, ECG (Electrocardiogram), medication, X Rays, MRIs and more. For most individuals, if faced with suddenly have to pay out such unforeseen health expenses makes a huge dent in future retirement savings. Therefore, to safeguard you and your family in the time of health emergencies it is best advised and thus is a smarter approach to getting a health insurance policy.

What is Knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery also called knee arthroplasty is a procedure of replacing artificial joints (prosthesis) that is made of metal, polymers, or high-grade plastic parts by removing the diseased or damaged bone and cartilage of a knee joint. It is an effective, safe procedure that can help relieve pain, feel better, move better and restore function in severely diseased knee joints. It is crucial to know what extent of damage has occurred and what replacement is required:

  • Partial knee replacement: Takes place only in the affected /damaged area of the knee
  • Total knee replacement: This procedure involves replacing the entire knee with prosthetics 
  • Bilateral knee replacement: Here, both the knees get replaced at the same time

When do you need a Knee Replacement Surgery? 

Most patients opt for knee replacement surgery because of prolonged stiffness and ache in their knees. Aging is one of the most common and major reasons why one needs a knee replacement. Other major causes for knee ailments leading to this kind of surgery may include a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, etc.

When an individual suffers extreme pain and severe dysfunction in one or both the knees, when one poses extreme pain in walking, while sitting or getting up, while climbing stairs, and maybe also while resting it can be possible that he/she requires a knee replacement. One can determine its seriousness by taking several tests like X-RAYs, and MRIs. Depending on your age, body weight, activity levels, and other health factors an orthopedic surgeon will determine and assess what treatment can be taken.

Why do you need health insurance cover for your knee replacement surgery?

Treatment and medication costs for such major and complex surgeries will burn a hole in your wallet if you do not have an appropriate health insurance cover. Apart from giving you extensive coverage, comprehensive health insurance also provides you with some other benefits:

1. Cashless Treatment Facility:

The health insurance company pays all the costs that are incurred in this treatment. All you have to do is choose a hospital that is part of the network with your health insurance company. Thus, all costs become cashless as all the expenses are directly settled by the company with the hospital.

2. Pre and Post Hospitalization costs are covered:

Costs that are involved before the actual operation occurs like those of consultation costs, check-up cost, etc. that just adds to the bill amount are all directly covered by the health insurance company and not just the main surgery expense. Thus, all the expenses that follow after and before the treatment get covered.

Choosing a comprehensive health insurance policy and a medical offer gives extensive coverage for surgeries such as knee-replacement. Having such plans help you tackle emergency financial obstacles.

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