Benefits You Will Get From a Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

Benefits You Will Get From a Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

Bringing a new life into this world is something that nobody can predict. Seema, an ex-employee of a leading private bank, did lots of yoga and took a healthy diet before being admitted to the multi-specialty hospital for delivery. Doctors found some complications in her pregnancy and decided to go for C-section that was not in the couple’s planning. Her husband was out of the job due to the pandemic layoff, and they had a limited amount of money. Seema was worried about her hospitalization expenses. However, it was a massive relief for her when she got to know that her husband already opted for health insurance with maternity cover for her. Their smile was back, and they both celebrated their new beginning of parenthood. It happens with many couples that the costs of advanced maternity facilities derail their finances. Later, she told the benefits of having maternity insurance to her friend that you should also know if you are also heading a way to extend your family:

Cashless Hospitalization Facility

Under maternity insurance, expecting mom can avail of the cashless hospitalization facility. It can be planned or during a medical emergency. Couples do not need to spend much from their own pockets for delivery.

Wide Coverage

The delivery charges, in-patient hospitalization, pre, and post-hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, room rent, diagnosis, c-section cost, and medication are covered under the policy coverage. Health insurance with maternity cover also included pre-natal and post-natal expenses and vaccinations. You can read them in detail on the companies official websites.

New Born Baby Cover

It is a significant benefit of having maternity insurance. Such policies not only cover delivery expenses for mom but also expenses for a newborn baby. Trusted brands like Care Health Insurance, HDFC, GoDigit, etc. cover newborn baby vaccination, medical complications, doctor’s consultation for the first 90 days under health insurance with maternity cover.

Tax Benefit

Premium paid against a maternity health insurance plan is subject to tax exemption under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. It serves you a dual purpose; first, it covers maternity pre and post-natal expenses, and secondly, gives you tax benefits that reduce your taxable liabilities. 

Below is the list of top Health Insurance Companies Offer Maternity Benefit Cover:

Health Insurance Company Plan Name Sum Insured
Digit Health Insurance Digit Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 3-5 Lac
Care Health Insurance Joy Maternity Insurance Plan 3-5 Lac
HDFC Ergo my: Health Suraksha Gold Plan 7.5-15 Lac
Max Bupa Health Insurance Heartbeat Family Floater Plan 5 Lac-1Cr
Star Health Star Health Wedding Gift 3-5 Lac

Source: Policy Bazaar


The soaring medical inflation and complications in pregnancy due to various reasons can cost you hefty maternity expenses. In such a case, getting health insurance with maternity cover is a boon for both mother and newborn. So, think about it and makes the journey of motherhood easier and memorable.

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