Buying a High-Performance Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

High-Performance Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong and lightweight material, so it’s no wonder that the result of spinning a carbon fiber yarn into tiny fibers is a great strength. Plus, unlike common carbon steel or aluminum shafts that have to be machined down and made into a drive shaft, this way the shaft doesn’t get any less durable even after use!

Why Choose Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a material primarily used in the manufacturing of aerospace and motorsports. The carbon fiber shown here has been reinforced by epoxy. This allows for significant improvements in strength, stiffness, and durability. Carbon fiber is also resistant to temperature changes, wear, and corrosion than traditional metals would have a difficult time resisting. Carbon fiber has recently been in the news because of its phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio properties. This means it often costs more but usually creates lighter vehicles. Carbon fiber driveshafts are also stronger and lighter than comparably priced aluminum driveshafts.

Buying Your First High-Performance Driveshaft

Buying a new and improved driveshaft can be the first step to improving your car’s performance. Learn which types of driveshaft work best for what cars on our blog guide. You’ve finally found the rough combo that was all you were dreamin’ of. You’ve been putting in all your time, sweat, and tears to land that perfect combination. You finally get hold of the combo….just to find out that it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg! The sticker price on this thing is more than $1000! We don’t have time for a new blog about all the specifics about finding that perfect fit for your application, but we’ll let our good friend Noel tell you what to look for when choosing an affordable and reliable high-performance carbon fiber driveline: If you’re buying a High-Performance Drive Shaft, something you might need to consider is that most cars used by street racers don’t come with a driveshaft. 

When installing a new shaft in your car, make sure that the flanges at either end are compatible with the car. This will ensure that the shaft goes in smoothly and fits perfectly in place. Carbon fiber driveshafts have become popular among motorcyclists, leading many companies to offer custom-made carbon fiber driveshafts for different motorcycle classes. High-performance driveshafts have a number of benefits ranging from weight savings to increased handling. However, carbon fiber comes at a price, and blade design is crucial in determining if you are getting quality or not. A low-speed, low-angle coupling has been proven to give the best life span among all other types.

How to Install a Carbon Fibre Drive Shaft

If you desire a high-performance carbon fiber driveshaft the installation process is involved. The first step to installing a race narrow or wide carbon fiber driveshaft is to scrape clean the inside of your carrier case. You want it completely free of any bonded to remove large ingots and burrs that fall into your diff housings. Next, using a reciprocating saw and flat file, remove the most dominant portion of the stock aluminum driveshaft. A medium flat file works well for this as does a Dremel tool with an appropriately placed grinding wheel (wear safety goggles). Finally, use a quality thoroughbred black oxide compound with clean water to polish, lube, and lubricate in your new carbon fiber unit before installing it in your car. First and foremost, here is a quick summary of what you will need: 

-Bearing and shallow enough, two spacer washers that can be reused to lower the mount (I bought some off eBay)

-Upper Engine Mount aka Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft Kit 

-New bolts with a larger diameter than the old ones. 

-32mm Hex Spanner Tool

-Safety Glasses 

-Multifit Fitsall tool 

-Pipe Eraser

-Socket Wrench in metric sizes 7mm, 25mm, 16mm (local distributor or online) 

Buying and Installing a Carbon Fibre Drag Racing Driveshaft

Most performance drag racing series require that cars have a carbon fiber driveshaft. This type of drive shaft offers more strength and power than other cheaper rubber driveshafts. If you are considering purchasing one, make sure that it stays in the legal regulations regarding where you can race. Carbon Fibre Drag Race connectors not only allow for quicker transitions but also make for lighter construction. 

A carbon fiber drag racing drive shaft is equipped with bearings and steel-reinforced gears to add strength against impacts and reliably assist the drivetrain in speed. When you purchase and install a purpose-built racing driving shaft (also known as, d-rod), the total package weight is not that significant. But the benefits of lightweight with massive strength that a shark cage provides will make this power shift easy when switching to a new setup or utilizing your existing parts in other cars Racing is a very important factor in tuning up your car, but it never hurts to give your vehicle the ability to remove its competitors from the competition. The most important thing about performance parts for cars is that you need a carbon fiber online carparts4less having at least 5 years of experience in this field with great customer service and inventory. 

Buying and installing a drag racing driveshaft for your streetcar is a time-consuming task. Our company wants to be certain that the carbon fiber pieces will make it off the production line with tolerances that meet upper range specifications. We need to test them before they’re assembled in order to ensure this. Just because you want to be a speed demon doesn’t mean you should front the money for something like this to happen. Here is a guide on how to find a performance drive shaft, where to get it, and what it will cost you.

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