Advantages of Hiring a Driver or Limousine

Advantages of hiring a driver or limousine

While some might only consider hiring a service for a special occasion, there are also reasonably priced options that include a driver using their own car and ride-sharing app options. Regardless of which service you choose, leaving the driving to someone else will undoubtedly make traveling to the City of Angels a much more enjoyable experience.

Advantages of hiring a driver

  • Reduce stress: Driving in Los Angeles can be stressful, especially if you don’t know the road, aren’t used to driving in a big city, or feel uncomfortable on the freeway. Letting someone else drive removes that particular stress from your vacation or business trip.
  • More Fun: To see the tourist attractions in Los Angeles, you’ll need to study maps and routes, find parking, and walk from parking lots to each destination. Having a driver frees up that time for real entertainment. If you are touring landmarks and don’t plan to spend a lot of time at each location, a driver can drop you off in front of places like the Chinese Theater and pick you up 10 minutes later.
  • Get there faster – LA professional drivers generally know the shortcuts or quickest alternatives to reduce time in traffic. Unlike a taxi, which may have an incentive to stay in the car longer, there is no incentive for a limo driver booked for the day to keep you in the car longer than necessary.
  • Make traffic time work time: If you’re in Los Angeles for work, having a driver allows you to use traffic time to catch up on emails and calls, or even a nap without the risk of a defense.
  • Avoid DUI and Other Tickets – If you’re partying in town, a professional driver eliminates the risk of getting a DUI and allows you to easily jump between the clubs. Dividing a driver among a group of friends is a very affordable expense. Since street parking in Los Angeles can be very confusing for visitors, avoiding having to worry about specific rules is an option to save time and possibly money.

6 options for hiring a driver in LA

  • Rental Cars – You can rent a driver along with your rental car.
  • Your Car – You can hire a professional driver directly through the service to drive your own car.
  • Limousines: LA has dozens of limo services that you can use just for your airport transportation or to have at your disposal throughout your trip. Limousines come in all shapes and sizes, from luxury cars to SUVs.  You can compare rates and book Kitchener limo services from several different limo services in Note: Most limo or personal chauffeur services have a minimum three-hour commitment.
  • Electric a car: for those who respect the environment,  Drivers are required to hold a Class B commercial driver’s license, certify CPR, and pass a security guard test. Executive protection from Aecon Global Security is available as a supplement.
  • Let your hotel book your car services – Los Angeles luxury hotels often arrange car specific services and can make arrangements through the concierge service. Skip the hassle of trying to figure out which company to use, and call the concierge before your trip for an airport pick-up. Don’t forget to tip the concierge once you arrive.
  • Ride-share app: Beyond official car services, you can now have a private person drive you in your car or transport you from the airport using smartphone apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.

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