How A Data Subject Access Requests or DSAR Works

How A Data Subject Access Requests or DSAR Works

A Data Subject Access Request or more commonly known as DSAR is a kind of request in which a party can request to the other party to disclose what kind of personal data they are holding about them and how they are using this personal data. 

The process of Data Subject Access Requests is very simple and straightforward. The request is passed to the Compliance Officer. And he acts on it as soon as he receives the request and a record of the request is noted. The officers then use various methods to verify the identity of the person asking to access the data. Online requests are taken more carefully. 

Under the right to ask policy any individual can ask for the personal data companies are using and storing on their servers. Moreover, companies are liable to issue copies of your personal information verbally or in writing. According to Article 12 (5), DSAR must be provided free of charge but the officer can charge a reasonable amount if the request is repetitive or false.

DSAR can be submitted on the behalf of a third party. Following parties can submit a Data Subject Access Requests:

  1. Parents on behalf of their child.

  2. Legal team about their client.

  3. Family and Friends.

  4. Official guardian of an individual.

DSAR software is used in the automation of personal data. Data Subject Access Requests or DSAR automation is used to collect and process personal data of people. Secuvy’s DSAR Automation Create and Publish Data Requests Customizable forms within Minutes by Automatic Linking of Personal and Sensitive Data for each Subject Request. DSAR software uses the following process for each and every request.

  1. Ensure Secure Data Requests with ID Verification: Software Accept evidence from consumers during data request submission to prevent fraud by using multiple ID verification approaches including phone, email, or security questions.

  2. Configure Data Sources to Identify Subjects’ Data Location: DSAR Automation saves costs, efforts and errors. It connects and integrates data sources – Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Databases, CRMs, Marketing Platforms to get locations of data requested by individuals.

  3. Send Secure Fulfillment and Compliance Information to Requestors:  It Assures requestors about the fulfilment of their request via a secure, encrypted portal.  Give them quick access to their information and show them the fulfilment status of their request.

  4. Auto-Generate Reports to Track Important Metrics: Generate reports to keep a track of important metrics like requests, actions, and timelines to share with requestors. The encryption key for the reports is unique to the receiver to add another layer of security and Send these encrypted reports for review and approval via a secure portal.

Secuvy AI is providing various services to the customers like security, risk management, governance, and privacy. They are committed to the protection of consumer and employee privacy rights. Secuvys AI makes it possible to work very efficiently and fast. They basically simplify the privacy of their clients. Their products and software are Scalable, User Friendly & Easy to Use because of their approach where a Single Click Deploy multiple data files within minutes.

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