How Alexa’s skills have made our life easier

By | September 3, 2020

We all are aware of the smart devices that are doing their best to make our life much more comfortable than before. With time many things have changed, so is the dependence of the people over the things. For example, people who are using smartphones cannot imagine their single day without it because they are so dependent on them. These smartphones come with a feature that you can install like Alexa app and have its advantages. Not only in the phones you can easily download Alexa app for windows 10 pc. This is a voice-enabled app, you can ask it to play songs for you, display the pictures, voice-enabled shopping, weather forecast, and all stuff like that. 


Here is the list of various skills of Alexa. Let’s have a look at them


  • Amazon Alexa: You can buy the Alexa device and get its Alexa app installed on your smartphone. Get the Alexa device enabled with all the smart devices at your house. The only thing you need for all this setup is a strong internet connection. With the help of this, you can have direct interaction with the app, and you can ask it to do whatever you want. It is best for doing voice-enabled shopping through the Amazon shopping app. Alexa will provide you with all the details regarding the package that you have ordered.
  • Any. Do: It is one of the do list apps of Alexa. It integrated you with Alexa’s shopping and to-do lists. You can sync this app with your smartphone and get facilitated with all the benefits. With this, you can add things you want to do in a day along with the timings. Alexa will remind you what all things are left and will mark all the things and later on you can check it.
  • Any pod: It is the podcast skill of the Alexa. You just have to ask Alexa to play this music track and it will be done. Even by asking it, you can adjust the volume of the music track and the beats. You don’t need to browse any song, just a simple command will solve the purpose. 
  • Big sky: This skill enables the Alexa to provide its user with full weather prediction. It uses a fairly decent app that will tell you the temperature, weather conditions, and weather alerts of various locations. You can go for the premium subscription to this app so that you are availed with features. 
  • Fitness tracking app: It is one of the free preinstalled apps that will keep track of all the physical activities. It will provide you with the stat on your device. By purchasing the subscription of premium apps. It will set the music for your workout schedule.

These are some of the skills that Alexa app for window 8 has in it. All these skills have seriously made the life of its user much easier. It might not be wrong to say that people are getting dependent on all the advanced techniques that are coming up in the market. 


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