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How can travel help the older generation?

How can travel help the older generation


Travelling tends to get more difficult when you get older. Technology plays a much bigger role in travelling these days – between digital boarding passes and covid passports. Many older people find technology overwhelming and feel nervous about travelling again. 

However, Global Radio found that over 55-year-olds are the most likely to travel alone. Solo travelling is not just for the twenty-year-old backpacker. The older generation enjoys cruise holidays, city breaks and beach vacations as well. Around 70% of over 65s agreed that flexibility is the most important part of the holiday, and there need to be accessibility options. 

Here are a few tips for travelling in your later years.

City breaks

City breaks are fun and exciting. You can take a hop on hop off bus tour around the sites and indulge in all sorts of local cuisine. You can sleep in a luxurious hotel and rest your feet in the hotel spa. 

City breaks can be quite exhausting – especially with all the walking involved. Pace yourself and book a few extra days at the destination. You wander around the streets and see the attractions at your own pace. You could catch a train to a few places and watch the countryside roll by. 


It’s time to bid farewell to youth hostels and airport floors. Accommodation can make a big difference to your travel experience. Look for smaller boutique hotels and family-run places that offer a more personal experience. They usually offer more flexibility and a chance to socialise with other travellers. You can sleep in a comfortable bed while having a social experience. Genius!

Go on a cruise

Cruise holidays are popular with the older generation, and for a good reason. You can see multiple destinations, socialise with other travellers and be comfortable all day long. What’s not to love?

You will have access to high-quality food, entertainment and a private space to relax in. Smaller ships make it easier to make friends and socialise with other travellers. You are likely to have more days in ports to discover new towns and cities as well. On the other hand, larger ships often have more facilities and entertainment spaces.

There are also cruise ships with assistance and mobility services. Just make sure to research the cruise line and its accessibility services before you book the holiday.

Spend your retirement travelling around the world and making friends in each destination you visit.

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