How Can You Prevent Your Bunion From Getting Worse?

How Can You Prevent Your Bunion From Getting Worse?


Bunions never appear within days. Rather they come into existence after years of pressure on the foot because of some type of misalignment. While they may commence small and appear moderately harmless, the reality is that bunions only worsen with time. Untreated bunions can get quite painful and big. However, rather than being worried, you should think of ways to prevent your bunion from getting worse. The last resort to treat your bunion is invasive bunion surgery, but other than that there are some more effective ways to treat bunions for the good.

Bunion treatment options

Till the time you figure it out that you have a bunion, it is almost very late to do things. However, you have a lot of over-the-counter bunion relief products such as bunion correctors, bunion pads, toe separators, prevent in the market to provide you instant relief. They will not just treat the cause but also the symptoms and offer you immediate relief.

However, in some cases, when the pain or swelling gets unbearable, you may consider icing the affected area. And, to gain long-term results, you should immediately go for bunion removal surgery.

Bunion removal surgery

If you are unable to treat your bunion with bunion relief products and it continues to give you excruciating pain, then it is suggested to get a bunion removal surgery done. There are two types of bunion removal surgeries- the traditional one and the latest one.

While the traditional surgery is a little painful and causes a bigger cut and scarring along the foot and needs more recovery time, the latest surgery is minimally invasive and doesn’t need an extensive recovery time. It is suggested to stop using the traditional surgery approach and pick minimally invasive surgery.

It is an outpatient process, which is quick, less painful and allows you to resume your work in just a few days. All said, a bunion surgery may take 1 to 5 weeks for proper recovery to allow you to walk fully on your feet.

How to prevent bunions?

While you may not be able to prevent a bunion from occurring, however, there are some steps to help you prevent bunions from getting worse. The first and the most effective way is to safeguard and align your toe with the right bunion relief products. It will help your bunion from deteriorating and give you comfort. Secondly, suitable shoes can also help you maintain your bunions. Choose shoes that offer regular foot and toe stretches and provide support to them to keep the joints and muscles aligned. 


All in all, it can be said that some people can develop a genetic disposition and develop bunions or may have a foot shape prone to bunions. Hence, it is always essential to be alert right from the start. It is suggested to speak with a medical professional to know about the prevention measures. At the very least, make sure you monitor your foot regularly. If you diagnose and treat a bunion early, you can prevent a lot of pain and problems from occurring.

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