Tips on How to Create a Successful Business Mobile App

Business Mobile App

In the modern fast-paced world, a company investing in a business mobile app is almost a necessity. Smartphone explosion across the globe has made mobile and digital marketing a huge deal with 90% of users spending most of their time on different apps.

With over 2.7 million apps in the Google Play store and over 2.2 million in the App Store, an app gaining attention requires serious effort. The fact that most users only use a couple of apps per day means that numerous apps go unnoticed and unused.

The thing with developing an app is that there is already a saturation of the same with limited user attention. Getting your business mobile app noticed and used is more challenging than developing the app itself. To make your app stand out, you first need to be sure that it has some features to meet the market need.

Features of a successful mobile app

A successful app will have the following features:

  • Perfect UI and UX
  • Nice design
  • Good performance
  • Support and upgrades
  • Feedback and contact means
  • Reliable workflow
  • Adequate data protection
  • Personalisation options
  • Integrated to social media
  • Can work offline

Tips for Creating a Successful Business Mobile App

For your mobile app to be successful, consider these tips.

1.      Create an amazing product

The best apps do one thing, but they do it so well. Hence, make sure your app is original, provides a solution to a problem, entertains, or improves on a different app. Also, it needs to be perfectly designed with regard to UX and visuals. With the above in place, everything else flows.

2.      Define your minimum viable product

After identifying the solution your app provides, you need to determine what to launch first. Ideally, your first launch should offer the principal value of your product. This should include the key features of your app. The additional features can come later.

Then determine the target demographic and select a mobile platform for the initial phase of your app.

3.      Choose the right technology for your app

How an app functions and the way it is built both influences its success. If you want your business mobile app to be a success, you need to determine the kind of technology to use.

You have three options at your disposal.

  • Platform-specific native app- these apps are specific to iOS and android and can influence your device’s functionality and hardware.
  • Cross-platform native app- such apps use shared SDKs but run natively.
  • Hybrid app- such apps are compatible with all devices and OS[operating system].

4.      Language is a big consideration

There are so many languages in the world that are al used in mobile communication. Most smartphone users prefer their language choice to operate their phones. For your app to stand out and be successful, you need to consider having it support several languages.

5.      Have a monetization strategy in place

The mobile app market is massive, and monetizing an app is a must.  However, monetizing every app is quite tricky, and you need a strong strategy.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Sell at a fixed price
  • Make in-app purchases

You can also have a FREE version [no ads] or PRO version [more features, no ds]. The free version can be used to boost sales and run ads for users to switch to your PRO version.

6.      Make your brand relevant

One mistake marketers make is thinking downloads translate to active users. Getting users to download your app and to actually use it are two different things. Most marketers fail to determine their audience before convincing them to download their apps.

Hence, make your brand relevant by bringing the right audience on board and downloads will always translate to active users.

7.      App design is vital

App designs influence the success of a business mobile app. Users can easily download your app but fail to use it due to poor user interface [UI] and user experience [UX].

Think through your app design before launching it to be sure the design is functional and pleasant to users.

8.      Mobile app analytics is crucial

Creating a successful business mobile app mostly takes more than one shot. Numerous and frequent revisions are a must to meet user needs. This is why you need mobile app analytics.

Analytics comes in handy in tracking app downloads and determining user engagement and app performance as well.  Through analytics, you can gauge the areas that need improvement to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

9.      Marketing and promoting the app

App marketing and promotion need to be part of the process from the beginning of app development. Get people talking about your product from the start and you will have stakeholders’ attention. These are the people who will invest in what you have to what.

Market your product through every marketing channel possible and be sure to allocate adequate budget for the promotion. Your promotion tactics should also gauge your ideal customers through the marketing channels.

10. App store optimization makes the difference

An app can only be successful if it reaches a considerable audience. Numerous apps are released, but a substantial number of them get almost zero recognition.

There is where the app store optimisation [ASO] comes to play. ASO makes things easy by enabling your target audience to find your app through relevant keywords.

11. Keep innovating

Innovation is key to the success of an app as stagnation kills even the most successful apps and products. The innovation process must be an on-going one even after your app has yielded good results.


Creating a successful mobile app is a thing for engineers anymore. Every sector has now jumped on board to take the mobile market to a whole new level. Developing a successful business mobile app doesn’t have to be that big of a challenge.

First, you need to arm yourself with the right skills, guidelines and a digital marketing team. Then work on executing as this is where the success of your project lies.

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