How do I Set Parental Controls on Google?


A PC or a laptop or even a smartphone today without an internet connection can’t be imagined. The Internet has wrapped up our life from every aspect of it starting from studying to entertainment also. This is why it has been an integral part of life for almost all people in the world. All your necessary works can be done through the internet. Starting from teaching your child to teaching the whole world is now possible through it. You can earn lots of money with the proper usage of it. Your banking service has been opened to you by using the internet. Similarly, there are several threats that can hamper your daily life like anything else. You may face a huge loss in terms of your mental and well as financial health. Most importantly your children can get into these traps unknowingly and thus it is important to set parental control on your PC.

What can be the Threats?

Since the internet is the mine of information as well as entertainment, so the children get attracted to it easily. There are many educational contents along with several contents that are inappropriate for your children. They may get involved in various other inappropriate things without knowing them properly. People, who are experts in these fraudulent activities, can make them the media to get access to your PC and then you may incur a huge loss in terms of money as they can get direct access to your banking sites. On the other hand, your official and personal documents can also get stolen by these people to hamper your professional life. There are some more reasons for worry as the children can get into several problems which they may not tell you and as a result, they may get mentally depressed. This is why you need to monitor which sites or apps your child is going through and what content they are getting exposed to.

How Parental Control Software can Save You?

Parental control software is used to restrict your child to go through inappropriate content. Here are some of the basic usages of the apps.

  • It helps the parents to block several websites and apps which may pose potential threats for their children. Whenever your child will try to get into any website it will seek permission. In case of purchasing any app too, it will restrict the transaction as well.
  • The parental control apps also allow you to control the devices from remote locations as well so that you can have a real-time view of the activities of your child even if you are in your office. You may be present at the device covertly and can control the activities of your child. This is helpful if your child is going through any abusive or exploitative content through the internet.
  • Some of these apps also can be used as GPS trackers so that you can get hold of the movements of your child including their activities.
  • You can restrict the usage of the PC, laptops as well as smartphones too through these parental control apps.
  • The parental control apps can also be your guide to restrict your child to get any spyware, malware, ransomware as well as any virus that can harm your device or can exploit your data.
  • Your child will remain safe from playing unauthorized games as well as streaming unnecessary music and videos. It will also restrict the device from opening any unwanted platform.

Why do You Need to Set Parental Control on Google?

To set up parental control on Google you can go through so that you can know more details on the usage of parental control apps and software. Google is a USA based company that works as a search engine on the internet. There are many other search engines though; still, it is the most popular among internet users. It shows your content whatever you want after searching for many other websites. It also helps you to get several references from where you can get details about the subject. For the children who have lesser knowledge about different subjects may get curious and can search them on Google. This is why restricting Google is the first and most effective step to utilize parental control.

How to Set Up Parental Control?

When you have made your mind to set parental control on Google then you need to buy proper parental control software and install it in your device. Then you have to create a family link account where you’re the devices used by the children will have to be added. If you browse using Google home then you need to have the child present there so that the device can recognize the voice of the children. Now you need to get into the settings and then customize the settings using the parental control app as per your need. Here you can restrict the contents and websites you don’t want your children to see.

Setting Parental Control to Google Play

Google Play is another default app of android where you can get several other apps and download them for your usages. There are several kinds of apps that help you in your entertainment, studies, and business and manage your daily tasks also. Not only are these apps helpful in communicating with your peers also. This is why most of the people use Google play to get their required apps. But here also is the same threat of having fraudulent apps that may be harmful to your device as well as you. The parental control apps also help to restrict the Google play store app so that your children don’t get access to such apps. The parental control apps will work for those devices only which you add to the device. Then you need to get into the Menu bar and open settings. There you need to activate the parental control app and create a pin so that no one except you can change the filters.

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