How is AI Beneficial in the Business Intranet?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is almost everywhere and virtually impacts every business process, function and technology nowadays. It is almost impossible for businesses to survive in the market without AI. After the COVID pandemic, businesses have adopted a hybrid work model & digital workplace is especially one area that AI has significantly impacted.

AI has transformed the way businesses work and communicate nowadays. Today, entrepreneurs across the globe are seeking ways to modernize their best intranet software with AI and improve their workforce’s digital dexterity. It has transformed each and every aspect of the digital workplace, ranging from basic content management to employee collaboration and everything in between. 

If you are wondering how AI can help you create an intelligent intranet, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how AI helps develop an intelligent intranet and is becoming a central component to intranet’s effectiveness.

  • Cognitive enterprise search

 No matter what information you add to your intranet, it is of no use until it is not searchable or accessible. The traditional intranet’s search won’t reduce the time to find information when your KMS is flooded with huge data. It is said that employees spend a significant amount of their time searching for information. 

But what if you provide your employees with a tool that makes information searching and retrieving everyday documents, files and other information a breeze? Modern intranet in organizations equipped with AI functionality will understand natural language phrases and offer smart suggestions based on the user’s past activities, the keywords and semantics of the stored data. As a result, it will make it easier for employees to find the relevant documents easily, saving a lot of time that can be used in a better way.

  • Automated metadata management

 Undoubtedly, AI enables a unified and intelligent search in a business intranet. However, it needs two more things for the search to be actually intelligent and successful, including good quality taxonomy and metadata. Otherwise, the search option will provide the user duplicate and obsolete results, leading to frustration and poor user experience. 

Today, several organizations depend on manual metadata creation and date tagging, which is not only prone to errors but also time-consuming and unproductive. As the data grows, updating the metadata manually is not easy. However, an intranet with AI functionality is making a huge impact in this area. Now you can use AI bots to automatically generate metadata, data tagging, classification and organization, and generate taxonomy recommendations. This will not only save you a lot of time but also eliminate the chances of human errors.

  • Content recommendations

Most intranet content management systems lack personalized capabilities. And when you can customize your intranet as per your organizational needs, it is nothing more than a cluttered inbox. As a result, your employees have to spend their valuable time cutting through the clutter. Not only does this lead to a reduced intranet adoption rate but also lower employee engagement. 

However, AI enables the intranet to offer its user highly personalized experiences. It only provides suggestions for relevant content based on the user’s interest, preference, and location. As soon as they open the intranet, they can easily find the relevant articles, documents, files, news, and peer updates. Not only does this help drive employee engagement but also lead to a higher intranet adoption rate.

The Bottom Line

AI is supercharging intranets. It takes the top-notch features of the digital workplace and enables intranets to deliver an interactive user experience. Hence, it has become a must-have technology in the intranet to meet modern workplace expectations. So, if you are looking forward to opting for an intranet, make sure it is featured with AI capabilities.

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