How Much Power Supply Do I Need?

Power Supply

The very important question while buying PC for any kind of work is that how much power supply is needed? Let’s see first that what the actual function of power supply is. It converts the AC power into the DC needed by the PC for performing the functions and then this power is further distributed to the components of the PC.

There are two main things in the power supply and that are wattage and efficiency.

Wattage and Efficiency

For starting the power supplies there are two main factors wattage and efficiency. The amount of the power supply can output when a 100% load. So simply if there is an 750 Watt power supply it can distribute up to 750 watts to all the PC components. Whereas, the efficiency rating is that how well it converts the AC power to DC.

Now lets’ come to our main point of discussion and that is matching the wattage and efficiency to the custom components of the PC. It’s very necessary to check that the PSU selected by you is whether enough for supplying the power to all components of your PC or not. Keep one thing in mind that consistently increasing the power supply of the PC  is not a good choice. We have explained some estimated power consumption of the PC so hope you will better understand that how much power supply your PC needs. Visit Bravo Electro to browse for more power supplies.

  1. For the mid-range graphics the perfect power is 165W but it won’t works perfectly in case of high end graphics.
  2. When it comes to high end graphics the recommended power is 350W.
  3. For the sake of mechanical drives there 9W is more than enough, whereas the solid state hard drives need 3W.
  4. Now let’s come to the actual power consuming component and that is Intel/AMD Consumer CPU, it consumes 75-90W.
  5. Also, the Intel /AMD pro CPU consumes 140W.
  6. Now let’s discuss about the power consumption of main PC parts motherboard consumes 30-80W, RAM consumes 3W and optical drives 25W power.

From the above statistics it has been observed that graphics cards consumes more power than any other component of the PC. Most of the times it happens that when there is top end graphics card can consumes power more than 350W+. So for the multi-gpusystems the recommended power is 850W. Also , keep one thing in mind that while choosing the power supply choose something that will not just meet your current needs but also something that best suits for your future planned upgrades.

Final Words

We have explained almost all factors above regarding choosing the right PSU for your PC. Also , we have explained the power consumption of different components of PC . Now it’s you duty to check and get the right power supply for your PC. If you have missed some steps in selecting the right power supply for your system than you may have to face many problems.

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