How To Ace The Class 10 English Exam

How to ace the class 10 English exam

 It is an international model of speech. English is the only language that is spoken in most parts of the world. English is widely used in various fields like science, commerce, business, travel, medicine, engineering, education, etc. Today language has made communication easier. It helps to connect to people in different parts of the world effectively. 

English comprises both written and verbal communication. This is the reason why English is included in the class 10 syllabus.

Importance of English in Academics for class 10 students

  • English is the basic source of communication for school students. English is the source of books’ language. As the academic courses are printed in the English language. It creates a clear foundation base for other subjects too.
  • It makes the base strong for school children. Class 10 English comprises both Literature and Grammar. So students excel in both types of subjects                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • It helps to build and nurture good moral values. They learn to respect others’ professions too. Students understand the difference between different moral values.
  • It makes students ready for various competitions. Like in the class 10 syllabus, speaking and listening skills are already a part of the course. It will help them to face the environment of competition. Competitions are only a source to enhance the skills.
  • Helps to improve communication skills among students. They can speak effectively and in an understandable form.
  • Learning English helps to pursue different career opportunities. Today English is the main source of communication in business and job opportunities as it is understood by most people.
  • English is the only subject that stays with the student life long. It is an evergreen subject. It helps them to write and read well.

Class 10 English syllabus

The English course in class 10 is divided into three parts.

  • English first flight
  • English footprints without feet
  • English grammar 

One can find the NCERT Book for class 10 English First Flight here. The link is provided here. NCERT solutions provide a perfect medium to prepare for the Board Examination.

Following are the chapter in CBSE class 10 English

English First Flight English Footprints without Feet English Grammar
A letter to God A Triumph of surgery  Tenses 
Nelson Mandela: Long walk to freedom The Thief’s story Modals 
Two stories about flying The Midnight Visitor  Active and Passive Voice 
From the Diary of Anne Frank A question of Trust  Direct and indirect speech
The Hundred Dresses 1 Footprints without feet Clauses 
The Hundred Dresses 2 The Making of a Scientist  determiners
Glimpse of India  The Necklace  Prepositions 
Mijbil the Otter The Hack Driver Gap filling 
Madam Rides the Bus Bholi Editing 
The Sermon at Benares The Book That Saved the Earth Omission 
The proposal  Sentence Transformation 

Importance of English internal assessment for class students

As everyone is familiar with the CBSE new paper pattern. It consists of a 20 marks internal assessment. This is called “Speaking and Listening skills”.

In speaking skills, students will be provided with a topic where they have to speak for 4-5 minutes. Whereas in listening skills, students will hear audio attentively and answer the questions asked in the paper.

  • Students’ listening and speaking skills are developed.
  • It helps to find out students who stand away from the crowd that is best among all.
  • Speaking skills develop the potential to face the audience. Students learn to overcome nervousness.
  • Listening skills teach them to always keep their ears open. Once they leave their attention, they will miss out on the lines.
  • It is a time management task. That is the student able to perform well in the given time.
  • It is necessary for students’ overall development.
  • This step taken by CBSE helps the students to identify their fear, their nervousness to face the crowd, etc. students learn to overpower these weaknesses. 

Tips and Tricks to Ace Class 10 English 

  • Class 10 is one of the important years. Before starting the English subject, always prepare an outline. Draft all sorts of study material, notes, and help books.
  • Each chapter in English literature is unique. Therefore every student should pay proper attention right from the start.
  • While studying, always keep a dictionary. Explore new worlds. Learn to draw out meaning from them. This will improve vocabulary.
  • Solve previous years’ CBSE tests paper. This will improve the ability to learn new concepts and questions.
  • Before facing listening and speaking skills, try to practice as much as possible. This activity carries extra marks. And this is one of the scoring parts among all sections.
  • Another important section is the writing section. Here it includes article writing, speech, debate, story, etc. There is no fixed topic for this section. The more questions students practice, the more they will come across different situations and words.
  • Always make a separate copy for grammar sections. Prepare step-wise rules for direct-indirect and active-passive speech. This is one of the important topics in grammar. So practice it precisely.
  • Another important section in the CBSE Exam is Unseen comprehension. Develop a good and fast reading habit. Try to solve more unseen passages. This is a time taking section.
  • Communicate in the English language with friends, family, and neighbors. This will improve speaking skills.

Weightage of different sections

According to the new CBSE pattern, 80 marks is for the final subjective exam while 20 marks are for internal speaking and listening assessment. Following are the mark scheme for various sections

Sections  Marks 
A Reading  20
B Writing skills and Grammar 20
C Literature  40


English is another important subject of practice. It cannot be mugged up. Even students cannot mug up the literature sections. Always try to learn to analyze questions and then answer accordingly.  Try to solve more question papers. By doing so one will understand the level and types of different questions. Always remember to answer according to words asked and marks allocated. Never write extra to gain more marks. This always leaves a negative impact on the examiner.

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