How to Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10

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When your Windows 10 system connects to a network, it is likely to assign a public profile to your connection. It is going to remain the same unless you change it to private. You may want to change network from public to private for many reasons. If the network profile stays public, it can cause security threats.

Find out the features of these 2 types of network profiles and how to change network from public to private.

Types of Networks

The two main types of networks are as follows:

Public Network

Whenever you connect your system to a network, it is likely to fall in the public network category. This means that your system will be visible to others. If you don’t set a network on your system, Windows 10 is going to configure it using the firewall settings and the rules of public network. It is worth knowing that Windows has highly restrictive settings for public network because of the vulnerability associated with it.

Private Network

Private network can be set on the connection that you may trust. Examples of private networkinclude your work or home network. When it comes to Windows 10, it is the network that you trust. It also means that the functions related to that network work properly and safely.

When a network is set as private, it is possible to make the most of its networking features. Your shared devices can work properly and safely on such a network. It enables most of the networking features of the OS including file sharing, network discovery, and network device setup.

Determine Current Network Type

Before you change the network type, it is recommended to check the current status. The following steps should help you determine this:

Type, search, and open Control Panel

Open Network and Internet

Open View Network Status and Tasks

The type of network can be seen mentioned under the name of the connected network

If you haven’t set it to be private earlier, it is going to be public.

How to Change from Public to Private Network

 There are different ways in which you can change network from public to private in windows 10. Explore the different steps involved in these different methods.

Using Windows Settings

This is the simplest of the methods for changing from public to private network. All you have to do is to follow basic click and select steps.

Click and open the wireless icon or Ethernet icon on the system tray of the taskbar.

Double click on Network& Internet Settings

This opens the PC settings dialog

The Status tab will be open

If you are not connected to a network, click on Ethernet

If you are connected to a network, open WIFI

Click and open the WIFI or Ethernet network that shows the Connected status

You will get the option to choose between Public and Private

WIFI networks also give you the option to connect automatically when you are within the range of the network.

Using Windows Registry

This can be a slightly difficult step to change network from public to private. It is more suitable for those who have certain knowledge of computer languages. However, it is not too difficult and almost anyone with basic IT skills can follow this through if they are careful.

The steps involved are as follows:

Search for and open the Run dialog box from the Start Menu

After typing ‘regedit’ into the box and then hit enter

Click and open the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left pane in the Registry Editor

Click on the SOFTWARE folder

Choose the option Microsoft

Choose Windows 10

Select the current version of Windows 10

Select the network list and choose profiles

This presents many GUID. The list corresponds to the number of the network on your system

Select all the subkeys within the different GUID lists. The list along with the profiles chosen should be same to the number of network cards in the system.

Next, select the sub-key against the Profiles

Search for the ProfileName key in the right pane

This provides you the network name, allowing you to identify the network that needs to be changed

Once the correct sub-key has been chosen, make changes to the category on the right pane.

This should allow you to change the type of network.

Using Windows Files

You can also change network from public to private in Windows 10 files. This may seem to be slightly difficult to you, but it is quite simple. It is recommended to follow these steps:

Go to the Start Menu and open the Run dialog box

Type ‘secpol.msc’ into the Run box

Look for Network List Manager Policies and select it

You will see the list of the networks available in the right pane

Select the network of your choice and double click on it

Select the Network Location tab

You will see 3 different options for changing the network location type: Not Configured, Private and Public

Choose the Private option

You can set this for all the connected networks by double-clicking ‘All Networks’ in place of the desired network

It may seem to be ideal to change all your networks to private. But you should make this decision based on the needs. For example, if a network has to be publicly accessible, it should be set to be public. If you want to use a network at home or office, it should be set private. A network should be set to be private when it is required to file sharing and network discovery features. However, if you are not sure about the situations, you may keep it to be public. For example, if you are at a friend’s location you may set it to be public.

So follow these methods to change network from public to private in Windows 10. You can choose a method based on your skills. Since there are multiple methods, anyone with different skill levels can make the desired changes.

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