How To Crack Passwords With Hacking Tools

Crack Passwords

Let’s start off with the basics: not everyone can hack- it takes a trained and well equipped individual to pull off a hacking attempt. There are two categories of hackers: ethical (or white hat) and black hat hackers. Ethical hackers are the good guys; they run a series of programs on your website to discover possible weaknesses and advise appropriately. Black hat hackers do the contrary. However even without employing the services of a hacker, you could install a Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL to protect your site and get you a decent ranking on Google.

Hacking tools are programs built to find and exploit network weaknesses. They also simplify hacking tasks for hackers.

What is password cracking?  In computer security, this is the process of regaining pass codes from data that has been kept or transmitted by a computer system.

Here are various password cracking tools

1) Aircrack

This tool is free to download and is compatible with Windows XP or later versions. It can monitor and examine wireless networks around you. Also, you can use it to test just how safe your Wi-Fi password is or just to unlock and access someone’s Wi-Fi. Once the program is in execution, you can see all the data packs of a network. Simply decode them using the program and access the network.

2) Nmap

this is an abbreviation for network mapper. It is free to download. Top of its uses is to unearth network hosts and services – it does this by transmitting packets of data and examining the responses from the target ports.

It has a number of features, but here are some highlights:

Port scanning- counts the open ports on a determined host.

OS detection- discovers the operating system and characteristics of the network devices hardware.

Detects the program version- does this by analyzing the network services and knows the application name and its version number.

3) John the ripper

This is a free hacking tool available on the world wide web. It is very efficient thus explains its popularity. It also encompasses quite a number of password crackers in one unit. It can be used against many encrypted passcode formats.

It has many attack types including one very effective brute-force mode and a dictionary attack. The above two mentioned are very effective methods of cracking passwords.The program is available on many platforms but mostly Unix, this should enable you to use this cracker on many avenues.

4) Brutus

This is a renowned fast and flexible password cracker that is free and is accessible remotely. It is compatible with Windows XP, NT and 2000.

Here are some key features:

It had load and resume function

Uses customizable authentication procedures

Multi-stage authentication sequence

Simultaneous target connections (60)

Has the following authentication types:





Http ( basic)

Http (HTML form)

5) Cain and Abel

This is a very good password recovery tool for Windows. It uses various methods to recover passwords like packet sniffing, cracking password hashes by using dictionary attacks, cryptanalysis and brute-force attacks.

Some highlighted features about this program include:

Ability to sniff out data kept on devices to try and locate passwords.

Unearth hidden password fields

Find out Wi-Fi password information

Find out likely passwords for devices with Windows operating system.

6) Ophcrack

This is a GPL-licensed program that cracks windows login passwords by employing LM hashes via rainbow tables. It has the ability to bring in hashes from a parade of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM windows files. It also works within minutes.

The above mentioned rainbow tables for LM hashes are availed free of charge by developers. This allows it to crack passcodes of no longer than 14 characters by the use of alphanumeric characters.


Real-time graphs to examine passwords

Employs brute force against easy passwords

Can crack LM and NTLM hashes

Has audit mode.

7) Metaspoilt

This is a program that avails information about security weaknesses and helps in hack testing and development of the IDS signature . Its primary use is to develop and run exploit codes on a target machine. It is mostly available on Linux operating system.

Additionally, it can monitor the network for any suspicious activity. It is the most commonly used tool by both ethical and black hat hackers to exploit network weaknesses. This really speaks volumes about it’s popularity.

Lastly, the use of Comodo EV multi-domain SSL certificate that can support up to 100 multiple domains to secure and ensure search engine optimization for your website is the smartest thing to do. Take it from the experts.

8) Nickto

This is a very easy to use open source server scanner. It analyzes a website and gives a detailed report on it’s susceptibility. It is also globally used for detection of site weaknesses and is at the top of its class right now.

To dive into the nitty gritties , this program does over 6000 tests on a website so you can rest easy as any anomaly in your network will be detected and it will also advise you accordingly.

9) Ettercap

Are you worried about man-in-the-middle attacks? Ettercap is definitely the program for you. It is a free and open source network security tool. It has many uses top of which are security auditing and protocol analysis. It has the capability of intercepting traffic on a network segment, accessing passwords and executing an eavesdropping procedure on a parade of protocols.


Https support- sniffing of SSL secured data

Plug-in support- you can create custom plugs

Killing connections

Hijacks DNS requests

10) Maltegs

This is a software developed by Paterva used for open source intelligence and forensics. It is mostly suited for link analysis and mining of data because it pays attention to availing a host of transforms for discovering data from open sources.

Its initial release was in 2007 and was coded in Java language. The primary focus of the app is to analyze real-world situations both in computer networks and social networks.

It is mostly applied by private investigators and security enthusiasts.

In short, Maltego discovers relationships between bits of data from various sources on the world wide web Has 3 key components:

Mine- used to gather information from various data sources

Merge- automatically combine and link all the data accrued

Map- visually discover relationships in the data gathered.

Bottom line is : Having a Comodo EV multi-domain ssl certificate can help in more ways than one. It will assist immensely in search engine optimization and also lend a hand in securing your website – honestly it is very efficient. Also, it supports up to 100 domains using only one certificate. How awesome is that?  You need to get yourself one and get to experience first hand just how effective the certificate really is.

The 21st century is like no other, with breakthroughs in every aspect of technology it is very hard to keep up with the trends. Hacking also hasn’t been left behind, it evolves every day and you just aren’t sure when you might be attacked. This article will equip you with the basic knowledge of some tools hackers use. Use the tools to test the vulnerability of your network.

Lastly, if you want to be 100% sure your network is safe you can hire the expertise of a good ethical hacker who can attempt to login to your network. They will give you a detailed report of network anomalies and advise you appropriately. Follow their recommendations and I can bet you will be just fine. Hackers can do a great deal of harm to your website or network if they succeed in their attempts. To avoid this you must use the information above wisely and also share this widely. Be 100% sure!

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