How to Create an Amazing Animation Setup

How to Create an Amazing Animation Setup


Animation has become very popular in the past decade or so, mainly because of the demand for animated content on streaming platforms. A common piece of advice you will hear if you would like to become an animator is to practice and build a portfolio. To do so, however, you need the right tools. In this article, we will look at what you need to create an amazing animation setup.

A Good Computer

Some amazing animators are still animating their content by hand and using various tools and techniques to achieve great results. Most animators use computers, and many studios also demand that their animators know how to animate on a computer.

So, what type of computer should you get? The brand does not matter too much at this time, but you need a computer with a good graphics card and lots of RAM. The 20 and 30 series graphics cards from Nvidia are great options. AMD also has great options in their 6000 series.

For RAM, you need at least 16 GB. You can get away with 8, but you will have a terrible time especially as your program grows. 32 GB of RAM is the sweet spot for animation computers. If you do not want to spec out and build the machine yourself, you can always get a Lenovo desktop for animation which has a great processor, modern GPU, and enough RAM for animation software.

A Scanner

If you draw on paper, you will need to transfer your graphics to your computer. For this, you will need a scanner. Scanners come with different features, but what you are looking for is speed and clarity. You want to be able to scan a lot of pages in the shortest time possible while also ensuring everything is as clean and crisp as can be.

A Graphics Tablet

Drawing on paper and scanning the drawings might seem tedious for some and this is why you should also consider investing in a graphics tablet. These tablets connect to your preferred graphics and image design and editing software, allowing you to draw directly on your computer. 

Many artists and animators use graphics tablets to animate, draw, create art, and do graphic design. Graphics tablets come in different sizes, and their prices also vary a lot. Many artists prefer Wacom tablets as they are the standard, but you can get others from different companies.

A Microphone

It is understandable to create silent animations when you are getting started. But once you start adding them to your portfolio, they need sound design. A microphone makes it easy to record voices and sound effects.

Investing in a good microphone will allow you to create better content. Use a directional microphone for voices and a zoom microphone for ambient sounds. These recommendations are because these microphones are great in these instances, but do not do too well in others.

There you have it. Now you have almost everything you need to start creating animations. The last thing you need is software, but there are numerous options so finding one you like and is easy to use should not be too difficult.

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