How To Deep-Clean Your Apple Watch At Ease

How To Deep-Clean Your Apple Watch At Ease

The Apple Watch is a device that we love to wear every day.  Some even wear it at night so that they can track their sleep phases. Because of this continuous usage, the gadget starts losing its aesthetic grace. After a while, the display of the Apple Watch is covered with streaks from constant tapping. The case gets glued, and bracelets become sweaty. This can look disgusting and is after the effect of wearing such a device permanently on your wrist. So, how can you properly clean the Apple Watch and the associated bracelets? Read on to learn! 

First Things First – Make Use Of Running Water

Apparently, the first-generation Apple Watch, Series 0, and Series 1 are not waterproof. But do you know what? My friend always cleaned version 1 of it under running water. So that any jamming digital crown can again work smoothly.

It is up to you whether you do this. He has been riding it well for five years and has never had any sealing problems. These tips apply to all generations of the Apple Watch – from Series 0 to Series 5. Do not use any soap, cleaning agents, abrasives, or additional aids such as compressed air or heat sources such as a hairdryer for cleaning. These could damage the Apple Watch. 

Step-by-Step Procedure 

Every Apple Watch comes to the point where it just looks disgusting. The credit goes to the sweat, skin cream, and the combination of both. Given below is the step-by-step procedure for cleaning it like a pro. 

a). Please take off the watch or take it out of the charging station.

b). Turn off the watch.

c). Take off the bracelet. You should clean it separately, especially if it is made of leather and metal and is therefore particularly sensitive.

d). Gently wipe the screen and case with a soft, lint-free cloth that comes with the Apple Watch. If necessary, breathe lightly on display.

c). Alternatively, use a microfiber cloth or an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

d). If there is stubborn dirt, dampen the cloth with a little lukewarm water.

e). If necessary, wipe the smartwatch dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

How to Clean the Digital Crown

The Digital Crown, i.e., the wheel on the side of the case, is usually cleaned in the same way as the rest of the case. If this crown can no longer be turned easily, you should carry out a special cleaning. To do this, remove the Apple Watch from your wrist or charging station beforehand, disconnect the bracelet and switch off the watch.

 Hold them under the running water and turn the crown wheel. This will wash out the protection between the crown and the watch case. The result is a clean, rotating crown. After cleaning and rinsing, you dry the watch case with a lint-free towel. To dry completely, you can put the watch on the radiator or in summer in the direct sun and let it dry. In both cases, place a soft towel underneath. When everything is dry, that doesn’t take long

Don’t Forget The Watch Straps

There are bracelets for the Apple Watch like the sand by the sea – and that’s the beautiful thing about it. Most of you will wear an apple watch sport band or loop tapes. But there are also bracelets made of leather and stainless steel. You can wash the silicone sports bands and the loop bands with a little soap under running water.

If they smell musty, which is normal with sweat, you can soak them in warm water for a few hours. Then rinse everything under running water and dry it with a lint-free towel. To dry the wristbands completely, place them on the radiator or in the direct sun. Simply put, the lint-free cloth underneath.

Tips For Cleaning Leather Bracelets

Always treat new leather bracelets with impregnation and make them more resistant to dirt, water, etc. from the start. Like for the leather shoes, you take leather care products and treat the boots with them. Same works for leather bands. Leather is best refreshed and cleaned with colorless leather care products. You not only clean the leather superficially but also protect it again for the further wearing phases. It is best to let the cleaned/treated leather dry or ventilate a little afterward and only put it back on a day later – this way; the leather care can soak into the material.

Do This For Stainless Steel Bands

Take out the Apple Watch bracelets made of stainless steel and rinse them under hot water. It removes the last dirt loosened from the surface, and the bracelet also dries faster. Everything is dried – correctly – with a lint-free towel. And then everything is adequately dried either on the radiator or in the direct sun. 

Concluding Tip – Get A Quick Shine Without Any Effort 

The Apple Watch makes it easy for the wearer to keep the device clean. As with a “normal” wristwatch, most of the parts, such as the case and bracelet, are not soiled frequently or noticeably. At most – similar to a smartphone – streaks, and fingerprints catch the eye on the screen. But like the rest of the dirt, they are usually quickly removed with a dry or damp cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use running water, a toothbrush, or an eraser as described. And your apple watch shines fresh from the packaging.


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