How to Find the Perfect Diamond Bridal Sets?

Diamond bridal sets


You’ll already have a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s perfect to wear on your big day. Once you have the perfect engagement ring and bridal sets together, it’s time to think about and plan your wedding party.

Ehem… wedding party?!

But the jeweler should offer a variety of best-in-class designs to choose from.

1. Find a Ring in Time Capsule Style

Time capsule engagement rings are an alternative wedding ring set, meant to be worn in a time capsule. This style was popularized by the actress Julia Roberts in the 1980s. 

While the rings are not time capsules, this style is meant to provide a historical connection to the bride. Time capsule engagement rings are crafted from plastic, with a metal setting. This set, which consists of another wedding band and another bronze engagement ring, is made of gold. Each function on these rings can be regulated, whether it’s a setting that indicates day or night or a setting that provides a specific period for the wedding. 

The example above is a time capsule featuring a scene from “The000s,” an iconic American musical from the 1940s.

2. DIY Time Capsule Bridal Jewelry

This last DIY engagement ring jewelry option is one of our favorites. This hinged band is meant to fit over the engagement ring being exchanged. The moment the couple plans the wedding, the metal plate slides outward, and the band slides over the two short rings. We love this set because coupling it with a matching gold wedding band adds some serious visual impact and makes this a truly unique engagement ring option. 

Just remember that by purchasing a wedding ring and engagement ring set, you’re not only receiving beautiful jewelry that will enhance your wedding day — it’s also buying into a community of people who are working hard to design, create and sell it. As a time, capsule wedding gift, you could have your chosen gazelle get excited as it ambles down the aisle.

Before you tie the knot, it’s important to decide what activities you want to partake in with your wedding party. Don’t forget to choose activities that have nothing to do with the actual wedding (ceremony, at the reception, dinner, etc.). 

A Bridal Set Feels Elegant and Imperfect

You probably don’t have the intention to wear a ring and a wedding band on the same day. That’s OK; having diamond bridal sets isn’t going to ruin your day. When choosing a ring it’s especially important to think about what colors you want your ring — whether it’ll be semi-precious, yellow, or black. 

Simply buy the best one you desire, and it’ll be a matching item. Best of all, buying a set of rings that match creates a unique visual when the two items are displayed together on a special day. 

It’s a lovely surprise for your loved ones and a piece of jewelry that you and your partner can be proud of.

Best Uses

The bands and engagement rings used for the bridal set are all extremely unique and have wildly different features. For example, one is made of gold and the other is made of polythene and comes with a clasp. 

Try wearing a couple of the bands together on special occasions (say, a wedding reception), for easy communication during the event and as an engagement gift for your significant other. 

What to Consider When Choosing?

As it’s a wedding ring, some people might object to spending so much on a ring. However, we suggest you do your best to scrutinize each item that you’re considering and make sure that you’ll love wearing it. 

Equally, you shouldn’t spend so much that you feel rushed into buying it. Use your judgment to decide if it’s worth it.

Final Word

I hope you enjoyed this bridal set exposure and can even try it for the engagement functions. As for matching wedding bands, it can be tricky and costly to find the perfect match. If you’re using different rings from multiple manufacturers, it’s a great idea to buy bridal sets from multiple different companies so you can compare and contrast. In the end, picking the perfect match is typically quite subjective.

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