How To Fix Lagging And Slow Performance Issue On Almost New Pc

How To Fix Lagging And Slow Performance Issue On Almost New Pc


With time the speed of the PC starts to decrease. Most of the users complain about the PC lagging and the slow processing speed of the PC. There are many ways which you can use to rectify small and big issues which is the reason behind the slow speed. Here in this article, we have shared some of the best and easiest hacks that you can use to fix issues of slow and lagging PCs. 

While among the list we have tried to add the simplest and budget-friendly methods. However, there are a few methods where you need to invest some amount for better performance. Though it is totally up to you if you wish to perform that method or not. So now that you know what we are going to share in this article. Let’s directly jump onto the list of methods to fix issues. 

Best Ways to Fix Lagging and Slow Performance Issue on PC

Here are some of the best methods that you can try to boost the performance of your PC. 

Restart Computer 

When you face issues of lag and decreased performance. The best and the easiest way to solve it is by restraining the PC. when you reboot the computer, it will refresh all the processes and will rectify the glitches which caused issues of slow performance. Though restarting is only useful when you have some small glitch or your CPU is overheated. Apart from that if there is any major issue then restraining isn’t useful. 

If the issue isn’t resolved by restraining, then check the below-mentioned methods.

Clean System Storage

Every PC has limited storage and with time the storage keeps on filling up. There are many users who might not even know what all files are stored on the PC. excess storing can also result in lag and slow performance of the system. The PC needs empty space on the hard disk to perform effectively and efficiently. 

To check the storage you can either choose to use PC cleaner software or you can even check for files manually. Both the methods are effective but the only and major difference between both these methods is time. The manual method can be time-consuming as it can take time depending on the number of files, whereas the automatic method is simple and very less time-consuming. The number of files will not affect the time duration that much as compared to the manual method. 

When you are searching for the best PC cleaner software. Look for features like filter scan, duplicate files detection, RAM booster, and others. These features are the sign that the software offers an overall package for improving performance. 

Defragment Hard Drive

Every time when you remove software or a file it does not make free space in the disk. Sometimes the empty space is occupied which makes it hard for the new files to store. In that situation, you need to defragment the disk to make the empty space usable. Defragmenting helps the PC in the long run as it boosts the performance and the processing speed of the PC. 

To defragment there are two methods, you can either use the manual or the automatic software. We prefer to use the automatic method as it is very easy and simple to adapt. Irrespective of your experience you can use the software and make the space usable. The software effectively looks for space that is being occupied and defragment it for future use. Though it is not recommended to defragment regularly. Perform Defragmentation only when required or when it has been a long time since you have done that. 

Stop the Running Programs

Background software can take up RAM which can result in a decline in the processing speed of the PC. Usually, we tend to use many programs simultaneously, but that can lead to dropping in the speed which no one wants. So in that case, you can use only the required applications and then close all the other programs that are running. 

Other than the running programs there are some programs that start with the computer and stay on standby for quick opening. These programs are known as startup programs. If you don’t use this software often you can remove them from the startup and they will act like every other software and will not stay on standby every time. 

To stop all the running and startup programs you can simply navigate to the Task Manager. Press ‘ALT + CTRL + DELETE’ together to open Task Manager.  To stop running programs, click on the Processes tab and there you can witness a list of programs that are actively running. You can simply click on the programs and then click on the ‘End Task’ option to stop them instantly. While for the startup programs, you can click on the ‘Startup’ tab. There you can right-click on the software which you wish to remove from the startup and then select the remove option. 

Remove Malware and Viruses 

Malware and Viruses can be a reason why you are facing lag and slow performance issues on your PC. These viruses are created to affect the files along with that which affects the processing of the whole system. You need to keep your files secured from all the threats and to do that you have to install antivirus software. 

There are many antivirus software available on the internet but when you are looking for software check whether it fits into your budget and what better features it offers as compared to the competitors. 

Upgrade Memory 

Unlike the above-mentioned method, upgrading memory is not budget-friendly as you would have to purchase a new RAM for your PC. The reason why we are suggesting upgrading is that with time every software gets an update to make it better, and with every update, you need to improve the system for the proper functioning of the software. 

RAM is the most important part which helps in improving and maintaining a good speed of the PC. You can choose the RAM depending on the configuration of your PC as every PC has its limitations. 

Upgrade Hard Drive

Similar to the RAM when you have excess data stored the performance of the PC declines. Now if you have tried cleaning the storage and still could fix these issues, then the only option left is upgrading the hard drive. 

Now when upgrading hard drives you have two options, you can either purchase an external hard drive or you can buy an internal hard drive. Depending on your budget and preference you can buy it. We would prefer to buy an external hard drive as it is cheap and easy to carry.  You can easily carry your important anywhere you wish to and can plug into any device easily. 

Check for Driver Updates 

Drivers are as important as any other hardware on the system. You need to keep on checking if the drivers installed on your PC are updated or not as outdated drivers can also create an issue which can result in the decline of the performance. You can simply update the driver using either the manual method or by using the driver updater software. 

Both methods are great for updating drivers. The only difference which can be observed in both the methods is that the driver updater software can update all the faulty drivers in one go while in the manual method you need to check for every driver separately. 

If you wish to save time and effort then automatic driver updater software is the best option to pick. Now if you are thinking about which software to pick then Bit Driver Updater is a great option as it is used by professionals and is great for both beginners and intermediate users. 

Windows Update 

Windows keeps on dropping updates for the users and their improved user experience. These updates are created to rectify issues and remove bugs that are present in the system. Now to remove them from your PC you need to keep installing the latest updates which come in the market. Keeping the latest version of Windows will help you in processing at a higher speed and can offer lesser lag on the PC. 

Final Words 

The issue of lag and slow performance is very common among Windows PCs. You should know what exact problem is there on your PC which will result in the decline. Even if you were a new user, now you are not after reading this article. We have shared solutions for every possible problem which can result in lag and slow performance issues. Now you can easily work on your PC at higher speeds. If you have any other doubts related to this topic, you can drop them in the comments section below. We will try and assess you as soon as possible. s

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