How to Go About with Domain Registration for Your Website?

How to Go About with Domain Registration for Your Website?


For a business to become successful, it should have a strong online presence. A potential customer who is looking for your product or service will usually search on the Internet. If he or she could find your website relatively easily and navigate, you will have a higher chance of selling your product or service. A well-developed and well-maintained website is essential to reach potential customers. Nevertheless, to build a website, you need a domain name, which should be short and simple yet unique, and of course domain registration with the registrar.

How to find a right domain name for your business?

A domain name represents your business’ address, and makes it is easy to remember unlike the Internet Protocol (IP) number, which every website carries for identification. It is not easy to find a website name, for most of the ones you choose would have been taken by someone. Then, what will you use as a domain name? 

A domain name can be your brand or product name as it gives your website an identity and a value. Moreover, you will have less competition when using generic words that are relevant to your product or brand. Whether it is a startup or existing business, the domain name should be easy to read and pronounce. In case the users find it difficult to spell, they will stop searching for your brand, product or service. 

It is advisable to have a short domain name with ideally 6-10 letters, and when using keywords, be careful to combine words properly for some letters don’t go together well. If you cannot find the domain you want, you can have a prefix or suffix with the name and try. 

Similarly, you have to choose an extension for your website name, which comes after the period (.). You can choose from the most common generic top-level domain (TLD) like ‘.com, .org and .net. For unsponsored TLDs, you can choose the relevant extension names from .name, .biz, .info, .mobi and .travel. There are location specific extension domains if you want to go international, and they are .uk, .ca, .au and .fr.  

You need a domain name registrar

To register your domain name, you are required to lodge your application with a registrar, who is an ICANN-accredited. ICANN refers to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is responsible for the stable and secure operation of the network. Other than the registration, the registrar can help you with the transfer, renewal and termination of the domain registration. 

How about web hosts offering domain names?

With a reliable web hosting company, you can enter into a contract for hosting services, which include a free domain. Nevertheless, the domain name is free only for some time i.e., one or two years. If you can find a web hosts that offer domain registration, web hosting and other related services at the best price, you don’t have to go for dedicated registration service.

What is the domain name registration process?

When you apply for a domain with a registrar, you become a domain name registrant. During the registration process, you will have to provide the registrar technical information to check whether your domain name is available on the Internet. The registry ensures that your website name is not similar to any trademark or website name and it does not cause any confusions to the customers. 

The registry creates a record for the WHOIS by filing the contact information. It also adds the files to the master servers and the domain registration is complete.       

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