How To Increase Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

Traffic is the juice, the lifeblood of every business. While every brick and mortar stores want more foot traffic, an online business runner’s biggest dream is ever-increasing traffic. And for an online business, organic traffic has a lot of benefits over the paid ones. For one, it’s totally free. You don’t have to pay SEO services and marketing agency a ton of dollars. Also, organically driven traffics has greater quality in terms of conversion rate and customer life span/customer retention. Therefore it’s imperative you know how to increase organic traffic and drive more sales to your business. Luckily, in this post, I have explained the 5 most effective and easy ways to go about it. Let’s jump in.

Content Is God

Okay, I know you’ve heard that enough for a lifetime. But you definitely don’t understand that “content is king” phrase on a subjective level. Because quality contents are enough to drive consistent visitors to your site. Unfortunately, most bloggers and businesses believe that quality content is such that it is long, visually appealing, readable, grammatically correct, and has good formatting. But that’s not all there is to it. According to WordStream, quality content is characterized by;

  1. Data accuracy/relevancy
  2. Achieves marketing objectives
  3. Ranks well in Google
  4. Has remarkable CTR
  5. Has social engagements
  6. Converts
  7. And does well on every channel.

I won’t be drilling into each for the sake of longevity but you can read more on wordstream.

Eliminating The Bad Eggs (Organic Anchors)

Now, on the flip side, poor quality content is bad for SEO. They reduce your trust with Google, creating a bad reputation for your brand. They are also a drawback to other quality content you’ve created. And once Google spots a few numbers of them, you get an unnotified red flag. So what’s the way out? Pruning. Pruning is the technical term for the process of auditing your pages and removing the deadweights. To identify deadweights, here are the indicators you should look out for according to Robbie Richards.

  1. Relevancy
  2. Links
  3. Conversion
  4. Traffic

 When using any of the site auditing tools such as SEMRush, Ahref, or Screamingfrog, look out for content that has zero relevancy, zero links, zero conversion, and zero traffic. These pages should be eliminated. But for relevant pages that have traffic and conversion but no traffic, improve such by building links to increase organic traffic.

Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization

Are you cannibalizing keywords on your site? Oh, the technical jargon. Here’s what keyword cannibalization is in a layman language. It is the act of creating two or more contents that are competing for the same keyword. In other words, your website or blog is in a competition with itself. And when it comes to ranking, it confuses Google on which of the two articles to rank. And most times, Google ends up ranking none. Another downside to this is that you’re making your link building less effective by splitting solid links into weak parts between two articles. That’s a waste of energy, money, and time you’ve put into creating those articles. But there are two ways to go about resolving this problem.

  1. Delete/404 one of the two
  2. Merge both

The first choice is to 404/delete one of the two or more competing content. On the other hand, you may just merge the two. Again, you need SEMRush or Ahref to check for keyword cannibalization so you can spot where your site is competing with itself and do the needful.

Target Longtail Keywords

Everybody wants to get the biggest part of the meat forgetting that a continuous droplet of water makes an ocean. Instead of chasing high volume keywords that have high competition by implication, going for the longtail keywords is like making future investments. Remember, it is the longtail keywords that grow into high volume keywords over time. Besides, if you can generate consistent low traffic from several pages, that counts too. Right? Below are ways to generate longtail keywords.

  1. Browse Q&A Sites Like Quora and Reddit
  2. Browse Wikipedia
  3. Use Google Suggests and Google Related Searches
  4. Mine Your Analysis and Search Query Reports

 Internal Linking

Do you have a few numbers of high ranking keywords? Here is the best way on how to increase organic traffic without paying a dime to an SEO services and marketing agency. By linking the underperforming pages to the high performing ones, you give your new or low-performance articles ranking power. Google automatically considers your low-performing pages for ranking and you can drive internal traffic to them from the high-traffic pages.

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