How To Keep Attendees Entertained In Virtual Corporate Events?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates. There was a time when corporate events were a routine activity in developed countries like the UAE. Such events provided the opportunity for professionals to meet, greet, share knowledge, and have a little fun. Such events are like a distant dream during this critical time period.

However, technological advancement is providing constant support to the world population in the medical field as well as by helping them stay connected. Virtual events are the new trend of this challenging time, providing a way to the quarantined people to stay sane. Still, there are numerous distractions in virtual events, and keeping the audience entertained is necessary. Hiring an online event management company is a great way to accomplish this.

This article aims to shed light on some tips and ideas to keep the attended entertained in virtual corporate events.

Top 5 Entertainment Ideas for Live Virtual Corporate Events

Corporate events used to be the talk of the town in the United Arab Emirates in the recent past. However, there is only quietness and calmness now, which is haunting the social population of this age. Conducting virtual events and making them more fun and entertaining can provide a healthy break from constantly still life.

The following are some of the top entertainment ideas to make your live virtual corporate events more fun, exciting, and engaging.

1. Real-Time Illustration Challenge

Scribbling here and there is a hobby of many people. You can provide them a chance to explore their hidden talents by creating a real-time illustration challenge. You can ask the attendees of your virtual event to illustrate the proceedings of the event and announce the winner at the end.

Human beings have the tendency to grasp the things they see, better than those they hear. Therefore, professional illustrators are often part of such events. Organizations often acquire the services of corporate event Dubai based companies to get in touch with professionals and ensure smooth conductance of their events.

2. Live Competitions

One of the most entertaining ideas to include in your virtual corporate event is to include live competitions. You can choose the type of competition according to your industry or event. Online gaming competitions are the most common, entertaining, and fun suggestions which you can utilize easily.

In addition, to make your event a little bit lighter, you can also include quiz competition. It can also be utilized as a team-building activity. You can ask the attendees to choose their partner and take part in the quiz and share gifts with the winners, 

3. Impersonation Challenges

Impersonation is another significant hobby of most of the people. Incorporate it into your virtual corporate event to make them fun, light, and engaging for the attendees. You can ask the attendees to impersonate their favorite celebrities or people famous in your industry.

After that, to heighten the fun factor, you can ask the attendees to guess the personalities others are impersonating. Moreover, you can also arrange the competition of who is doing better and reward the winners with some unexpected gifts.

4. Virtual Concerts

No event is complete without a little music. You can always experiment with ideas keeping in view the spirits and enthusiasm of your event attendees. A simple and fun way of waking up the people in a boring virtual corporate event is to hold a concert on it.

You can ask the attendees to have a passion for singing to do the honors. There is a possibility that not all people will like their singing. So, to please all the attendees, you can also include a surprise concert by the professionals, which will boost the spirits of their attendees.

5. Fun Incentives

No one can neglect the attraction of incentives. You can also utilize this weakness of your attendees and include fun incentives in your virtual corporate events

. It is also an important way of keeping their attention, as you can ask them to spot some things or points to win the incentive.

Thinking about the incentives and delivering them to the winners can prove hectic. So, you can acquire the help of corporate event Dubai based companies to work on it and make it as delightful for the receivers as they expect.

Utilize entertainment ideas to make virtual events more fun!

Conducting regular events is risky in this time period. However, life cannot stop, and people need some activity to stay sane. The virtual corporate events can provide them a fresh break of sanity. However, you have the responsibility of making such events fun and engaging, so the attendees do not get distracted and depressed.

You can also connect with the professionals to work out some fresh ideas and successfully incorporate them into your events. Do whatever you want while taking care of the precautionary measures and the sentiments of your virtual event attendees.

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