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How To Measure & Install Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night Blinds


Day and Night blinds have exploded in popularity over the past year or so, with their meteoric rise in popularity many people are clamouring to get a brand new set of made to measure day and night blinds for their home.

But, how hard is it to measure for and install these funky new blinds? Let’s find out!

Recess Fit Or Exact Fit?

The first step in ordering a new set of made to measure day and night blinds is to work out whether you’ll need them to be ‘recess fit’ or ‘exact fit’, you need to know this so the manufacturer can make any necessary deductions to the size to ensure a perfect fit and also the remote control blinds cost if necessary.

Recess fit, simply means that the blind will be fitted within the recess of a window, rather than directly onto the wall. When making a recess fit blind, the manufacturers will make small deductions to ensure all the hardware of the blind fits within the recess.

Exact fit, is for blinds which won’t be installed within a recess and will instead be fitted directly onto the wall over the window space. No deductions will be made on exact fit measurements.

How To Measure (Recess Fit)

Measuring for a recess fit day and night blind is incredibly simple, all you need to do is measure the size of your window’s recess from side to side and top to bottom.

It’s recommended to take measurements from three locations when doing recess fit, to account for the walls not being straight, so if there’s any variance select the smaller measurement to ensure the blind doesn’t catch the edges of the recess when being used.

How To Measure (Exact Fit)

For exact fit blinds, you need to measure the space you’d like the blinds to cover directly over the wall. It is recommended that your blind should overlap the window by at least 70mm at the top of the window, 70mm below and 50mm either side of the window to prevent light leaking in around the edge of the fabric.

As you’re measuring the space on the wall, there’s no need to take multiple measurements, but you should be aware that the width measurement will be the measurement from left bracket to right bracket, and that the drop measurement will be from the top of the blind to the bottom of the fabric.

How To Install A Day & Night Blind

Whether you opt for a recess fit or exact fit day and night blind, it will be rather simple to install them.

To install your day and night blinds all you need to do is:

  • Drill the brackets into place on the wall (top fix for recess fit, face fix for exact fit) as close to the edge of the blinds as possible.
  • Click the blinds into the brackets to secure the blinds in place.
  • Drill your P clip into place where the chain hangs so that it can be secured to prevent accidents.

And just like that, you’ve navigated the process of ordering made to measure blinds and should now have a beautiful new set of blinds hanging proudly in your home.

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