How To Organize A Brilliant Comedy Event

Comedy Event


A great performance can make the members of your audience forget all of their worries and concerns for a short span of time. It is great to see people going back home with happy faces and have some good jokes to tell when they sit on the dining table with the family. A single Google query comedy events near me can tell everything about the upcoming comedy events in the neighborhood. If you are a talented comedian who can deliver a great performance, people will love to attend your shows. However, even the finest talent is destined to fail if the event is organized without meticulous planning.

It takes a lot of planning to make sure that the event goes smoothly. Whether it is a regular comedy show or a one-off corporate event, you have to consider every single factor that can affect the performance. There is nothing good about hosting a bad comedy show. 

Following are some key considerations for hosting a brilliant comedy event:

Layout The Venue

Once you have booked a venue for your comedy show, work with the revenue manager to make sure that everything is arranged appropriately for the live event. Spread out and scattered audiences in the room cannot bring the best out of the comedian. Whether the seating is cabaret style or theatre style, a comedian wants people near the stage area so that he can interact with them.  

The Stage Area

The stage area is the focal point of comedy, music or any other performance. Your audience should be able to see and hear you clearly. The comedian should be slightly raised to draw the attention of the audience. A high stage is not suitable in a medium or small-sized venue. It is suggested to have a dark background.  

Stage Lighting 

Lighting is crucial and unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked aspects of the event. Make sure that you have at least two spotlights pointed at the stage. Position them correctly and have someone on the stage to test. 


Sound quality can either make it or break it. Most of the venues have their own in-house sound systems. You can use it to play music or connect a microphone. Confirm if they will provide microphones, mic stand, and mic leads or you will have to bring your own. Most comedians prefer wired microphones. Avoid a mic with an on/off switch. Always have one more mic. 

Before the Show 

Do a technical rehearsal and test lighting equipment and sound. Think about how you will approach the stage. Make sure that the path is clear. There should be someone to greet the comedian and take him to the green room. 

During the Show 

There should not be any kind of distraction. Bar staff and venue staff should be briefed to make no noise during the act. Colored or flashing lights can distract the audience. So, switch off all of them. Also, have a ‘code of conduct’ for the audience. 

Don’t forget to promote your event on the web so that people Googling ‘comedy events near me’ can find you.

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