How to Prepare for Winter (Top Tips)

How to Prepare for Winter (Top Tips)


Yep, that’s right: everyone’s favorite season of the year (well, maybe not everyone’s) is basically here. This means that you can finally wear your Disney onesies and outlandish fur coats with pride. After all, no one can judge you when it’s minus 100 degrees outside!

But unlike the other seasons, winter requires at least some level of preparation. You can’t just expect winter to arrive and leave peacefully next March, because that rarely every happens. Oh, no, winter is the one season that loves to cause chaos whenever it can, from major roadblocks to making people’s fingertips feel like they’ve literally frozen. 

So, what’s the plan? Simple: the plan is to prepare for winter by following these top tips. (Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends and family!). 

Get a quality snow blower

Tip number one is plain and simple: get a quality snow blower

A snow blower will save you so much hassle throughout the winter, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Driveway blocked? No problem. Backyard covered in snow? Easy

It’s recommended that you get a snow blower now so that you’re well prepared for any impending snowstorms or showers. 

Take good care of your car

Aside from your home, your car is probably your number one pride and joy. Unfortunately, winter is never a good time for cars. Roads are icy, windows freeze up, and tires face a lot of pressure from the cold conditions. Therefore, you need to take good care of your car. Here are some essential ways you can do this: 

  • Only drive when it’s absolutely safe (and try to avoid non-essential journeys)
  • Park in easy-to-access spots
  • Keep your car inside your garage to protect it from the ice and snow 
  • Never drive home with low fuel levels

Follow these tips, and your car will be safe all winter long!

Stock up on gravel

Sprinkling gravel around your home (primarily your driveway) will help to reduce the impact of ice and snow, so make sure that you have plenty stocked up for when you need it. 

Check your roof for leaks and tile wear

Your roof will need a lot of care and attention throughout winter, particularly if weather conditions are harsher than usual. It’s easy for leaks to occur or tiling to quickly wear away and dislodge. Therefore, every week or so make sure to check your roof to ensure that everything is in good condition. 

Carefully bleed your radiators if they’ve not been used 

Bleeding your radiators is incredibly important during the winter, particularly if they’ve been inactive during the summer

Prepare for potential power outages

Who doesn’t hate power outages? When your TV suddenly shuts down and all the lights go out, it’s the most frustrating feeling in the world! 

Sadly, power outages are fairly common during the winter, so it’s best to prepare for them (just in case). Flashlights and candles are essential, as well as having plenty of food supplies stored away. 

Upgrade your home security 

Criminals never stop – no matter what time of year it is. 

Upgrade your home security before this winter (such as by installing security cameras outside your home), to keep you and your family extra safe. 

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