How to Recover Deleted and Lost Files on Mac?

How to Recover Deleted and Lost Files on Mac



Mac computers are trusted by the user for their durability and premium performance. However, since they are electronic devices, there is always a chance they will face hardware problems and software bloat.

You might find your Mac not booting up, or after a macOS upgrade, you have lost some of your important data. It is really hard to believe in experiencing such a scenario with a product like Apple Mac. But unfortunately, it does happen a lot.

When you experience data loss events, it can be disheartening, especially when you lose some of your precious data. If you are unable to access Mac data or your hard drive is damaged, losing all your data, the only possible way to recover the data is by using Mac data recovery software unless you have a backup plan. 

In context to that, we are here with a tool that will help you recover deleted and lost data on Mac.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

There are many data recovery tools in the market that can be used to recover data. But only a few software can come close to the efficiency and potency of iBoysoft data recovery software.

iBoysoft is known as one of the best and is even recommended by data recovery professionals. Seeing how its users are satisfied with its performance, there is no doubt that iBoysoft data recovery software is offering what the users need.

Why Choose iBoysoft?

iBoysoft is the complete data recovery software company we have ever come across; it offers a wide range of data recovery features covering almost every data loss scenario and file type. Here are a few benefits that will highlight the facts why users are so hooked up with iBoysoft.

1. Recover Deleted & Lost Files with High Recovery Rate

iBoysoft data recovery software is integrated with the most advanced algorithm capable of scanning even the deepest part of the system storage drives. In addition to that, iBoysoft covers all the possible data loss scenarios and events. Hence, no matter the cause of the data loss, there is always a possibility that iBoysoft is the tool with a solution.

2. Support Different File Type

Most data recovery software in the market is limited with the file types they can recover. However, iBoysoft, on the other hand, supports more than 1000+ different file types. This makes it easy for the users to recover just any type of file.

3. Find Lost APFS Partition

With the Mac hard drive data recovery, the most difficult part of the recovery is to recover data from APFS drives, not to mention encrypted APFS drives. However, it is a piece of cake for iBoysoft. iBoysoft data recovery tool is supported by a complex algorithm that allows it to recover data even from encrypted partition.

4. Easy to Use & User Friendly

Most data recovery software is complex, and you need knowledge beforehand to use one. But that is not the case with the iBoysoft data recovery software. iBoysoft software is made with a simple, easy-to-use interface to ensure that even first-time users have an easy time using it.

The navigation on the software interface is kept simple and clean with the minimum features to ensure the new users can understand it working and effectively recover lost and deleted data.


Overall, iBoysoft Mac data recovery software is the better choice of all the options available in the market. However, there are a few flaws that restrict it from being perfect software. It does not support Linus operating system. Moreover, it doesn’t have live chat. Lucky you, it offers after-sale service. We believe that if you can cope up with its flaws, you will get the best data recovery tool on the market today.

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