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Know Outlook In detail, Its Features, And How To Refresh Outlook

How To Refresh Outlook


MS Outlook is a personal data manager. It was presented in 1997 by Microsoft. It was subsequently included as a part of the MS Office suite and is mainly an email client. In this article, we will examine the features and utilization of Microsoft Outlook and how to refresh outlook alongside the manual for its development and history. 

Evolution of MS Outlook
Version Specification
Outlook 97
  • Released on January 16, 1997,
  • It had replaced the existing Microsoft email clients including Exchange Client, Schedule+, etc.
Outlook 98
  • Released on June 21, 1998
  • It was freely distributed with books and magazines to cope up with the latest Internet standard
  • Involved usage of HTML mail
Outlook 2002
  • Released on May 31, 2001
  • Introduced in Office XP
  • Brought in new features like colored tables, hyperlinks, autocomplete and MSN messenger integration
Outlook 2003
  • Released on June 27, 1999
  • Desktop alerts for emails were introduced
  • Filtering of mails to skip spam
  • Expandable distribution list
  • Unicode support
Outlook 2007
  • Released on January 27, 2007
  • Feature to preview the attachments was introduced
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint files were now supported by Outlook
  • Features like calendar sharing, export of PDF and XLS files, unified messaging support, etc. were also added to the application
Outlook 2010
  • Released on July 15, 2010
  • Group messages could now be shared
  • The feature of social connector, where the files could be shared on social networking platforms was introduced
Outlook 2013
  • Released on January 29, 2013
  • A reminder to ask the user to attach files with mail was introduced
  • People hub
  • Compression of Outlook data file
  • Improvement in start up performances
Outlook 2016
  • Released on September 22, 2015
  • Almost similar features, only cloud computing was added
Outlook                      2019
  • Released on September 24, 2018
  • Filtering and sorting of mails became easier
  • Supported a focused inbox
  • Multiple time zones could be added

Functions of MS Outlook:

The major functions of MS Outlook have, however, been discussed in detail below:

  • It makes correspondence simple, and sending messages is only a tick away. Different connections in various organizations can be added to these sends
  • Since it is a getting sorted out and overseeing application, it gives elements to set up arrangements and gatherings involving a schedule and setting up updates for something similar
  • Every one of the messages sent or got can without much of a stretch be followed on the off chance that the right settings have been added to the application
  • For Organizations, setting up exercises as a group is simple with Outlook to know how to refresh outlook . You can undoubtedly share and work together with different colleagues bunch
  • Comparative sends are interlinked which frames a mail thread of such messages

How to Refresh Outlook on Mac

You may proceed as follows:

  • Open outlook with your mac.
  • In the left bar, you can see your Gmail / Hotmail account.
  • Click on the right button of your mouse and select account settings.
  • How to Refresh Mail Inbox Automatically or Manually?
  • How to Refresh Mail Inbox Automatically or Manually?
  • A new dialogue box will appear; click on the advance button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Open the server tab and select sync all IMAP folders for every.
  • Click OK, and your email will be refreshed

How To Refresh Outlook

How to refresh Microsoft Outlook?

  • Open your outlook 
  • Click on Send or Receive button.
  • Click on the Send or Receive groups, 
  • A drop-down menu will appear. 
  • Now click on define Send or Receive groups.
  • A new dialogue box will appear; under the all account option, 
  • Click on schedule an automatic send or receive every.
  • Change the value of minutes to less than 30.
  • Don’t let the value be less than 5 because it can result in duplicate entries in your inbox.
  • Now, close the dialogue box; your outlook inbox will start updating after 10 minutes.

How to refresh outlook 2010 manually or automatically

You can Refresh outlook 2010 by following these steps:

  • Click Send/Receive Groups on the ribbon.
  • Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • Select Schedule to update, automatic update should not be unable.

How to refresh Outlook email calendar:

Follow the steps below to keep your Outlook calendar updated:

  • Under Send/Receive Groups, click the Edit button provided.
  • Then, on the left, make sure your Outlook email account is marked.
  • Next, under Folder Options, make sure the Calendar folder is marked.
  • Then, click Apply.

How to Refresh Outlook desktop app Inbox Forcefully:

You can force Outlook to refresh your inbox with the goal that your accessible messages will show up if you find there aren’t any when you open Office and browse your email.

  • The few steps involved with this process
  • Start by clicking the Send/Receive tab in Microsoft Outlook.
  • To update the folder, click on the ‘Update Folder’ button.
  • A small box with a progress bar will appear after clicking the ‘Update Folder‘ button. 
  • This indicates that Outlook tries to force update your selected folder.
  • Your inbox will appear as if it was just updated once this process is completed. 
  • All the emails that were supposed to appear in your inbox list earlier should now appear there.

Not Receiving Emails Issue: 

If refreshing Outlook doesn’t solve the issue of ‘not receiving emails’ there might be other causes behind it. 

  • There might be a network error
  • No response from the Outlook server
  • A firewall restriction
  • The mails might get into the spam folder
  • Wrong credentials. 

Some ways to deal with these issues can be:

  • Make sure to check the credentials before sending out an email to see if it’s reaching the right folder.
  • Check for the firewall restriction if it is blocking some emails. 
  • Make sure to check the spam folder.

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