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How To Rock a Monokini This Summer?

Rock a Monokini This Summer

About a decade or two ago, one-piece girls bathing suits were considered a short-lived fad that soon faded away. As years went by, a monokini was used more and more by women trying to lose their baby weight or older mothers who weren’t comfortable showing off their upper body postpartum. Today, however, one-piece bathing suits have come back into trend. The summer swimwear collection launched world-wide has a plethora of options in the covered up bathing suits section, as more and more people are leaning towards buying them. It’s time to grab on your new favorite piece of a monokini and your sunscreen and hit the gym right away. Here’s a guideline to figuring out how you can rock the monokini bathing suit this summer of 2020.

1. Know Your Body Shape:

The one reason that many women avoid wearing a one-piece covered up bathing suit is they are afraid it will highlight areas of their body that they wish not to be shown so prominently. Each one of us comes in different shapes and sizes, and we are all made beautifully. The key to rocking the perfect monokini is knowing the shape of one’s body and finding the exact type of bathing suits that flatters that figure of ours. 

  • Those women with a pear-shaped body figure, and want to find something that hides your hips, you can opt to wear items that have a skirted bottom or a peplum figure. 
  • Those with an apple-shaped body figure can cover up their bellies using any bathing suit that has a ruching design across the tummy. And instead, highlight the curves on your body with some boldly patterned bathing suits. 
  • If you want to highlight your abs, you may use those with a placed cut-outs. 

2. Try out a variety of styles:

After figuring out your body shapes, the best way to proceed forward is to try out all the pieces that are trending currently. There are so many options out there with a variety of colors, prints, and patterns. There’s so much with regard to the type of clothing fabric, such as – leather, crochet, and even some intricate lace detailing. You can even experiment with off the shoulder looks as well as ruffles.

3. Use the bathing suits like a bodysuit:

Apart from using these covered up bathing suits as a swimwear item, you can even convert them into bodysuits. That can be worn under jeans, pants, skirts and even shorts. The intricate, beautiful lacy designs or laced up one’s pair perfectly well with any plain denim wear. Now you can take these bodysuits and convert them into full-blown evening wear using these additional clothing pieces. They are versatile and trendy pieces that even non-swimmers can get a hold-off today. 

Following these three steps, anyone can rock monokini’s in and off the water, taking a look from a casual beachside one to glammed-up evening wear, and other special events as well. Invest in the right pair for you this season! 

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