How to Rock At BlockuDoku?


Puzzle games have a long known history. These have been much-loved and fascinated by the aficionados. Talking of Blockudoku, this game has a massive following as well, and if you’re one of those, we have something for you!

Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you get the maximum out of the BlockuDoku block puzzle. All you’ve to do is follow the instructions – no malicious links, no paid tools, and no special cheat codes. But before that, here’s a bit of information about the game.

About BlockuDoku

The BlockuDoku block puzzle by Easybrain LTD is a fab combination of block puzzles and Sudokus. The app looks pretty straightforward, but the challenges are evil. As you begin, you may easily be able to clear the levels. But as you escalate, the game gets exciting and complicated. This is where your reasoning is put to the test, and it helps you to keep beating your scores. 

Basically, you’ve to remove the blocks on the board and keep it clear. The more blocks you have on the grid, the more are your chances of losing the game. BlockuDoku is a game of emptying the spaces, unlike those where you fill or build the grid.So, now that you’re clear with the basics, let’s get right into the tricks of working through your BlockuDoku game. 

Tips & Tricks to Rock BlockuDoku

Trick #1 – Streak it out.

Start by destroying as many streaks as you can since that’s easier and fetches more points. Successful moves in a row or column are what you must aim for to remove maximum squares in one go.

Trick #2 – Just go at it.

Don’t keep waiting for a smaller or perfect piece – that rarely happens, and you even miss out on any potential moves. So, whenever you see a chance, snap at it. Avoid focusing on specific figures, and destroy whatever you can. 

Trick #3 – Don’t overbuild.

To get a perfect figure, you may keep building the board with whatever that pops up, without any strategy. But, that’s not right, and it only gets you out of moves. What you have to do is, avoid building any walls, and instead focus on destroying those. Be attentive and a bit more mindful when placing the figures.

Trick #4 – Clear the clutter.

Since you might be overbuilding the blocks and nothing significant is destroyed, you’d only lose the level and may have to restart. BlockuDoku works on a simple principle, and that’s to keep the board always clean. Emptier the board, better you score. 

Trick #5 – Keep some space.

No matter what figure you get at the bottom bar, almost all of them can fit in a 3×3 box. So, start targeting the edges first, leaving at least one 3×3 box space in between. This ensures that your board doesn’t fill right away and you get the chance to destroy more.

So, that’s BlockuDoku tips for you – simple, and for free! We hope this will help you score better and make the most of the game. Enjoy!

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