How to Safeguard Your Rental Deposit

How to Safeguard Your Rental Deposit

If you have handed over a small fortune in the form of your rental deposit, you will undoubtedly want to do everything in your power to get it back in full when the time comes to move somewhere new. Here’s what to do – and what not to do – to safeguard your deposit from day one. 

Inspect the property thoroughly on moving day 

While the rental agent will always conduct an inspection alongside the landlord, it is vital that you conduct an inspection of your own too. This is important in case any details or existing damage was overlooked. If you find anything that wasn’t listed in the report from the original inspection, be sure to put it in writing and send accompanying photographs via email within days of moving in to avoid running into problems further down the line. 

Know your rental contract inside and out 

Familiarize yourself with the various aspects of upkeep and maintenance that you are responsible for, as well as with the various aspects that the landlord is responsible for. That way, you can stay on top of the little fixes and know exactly when to call your landlord to step in. For example, as a tenant, you are required to keep the property clean and replace items like lightbulbs. However, the landlord is responsible for the repair of damage caused by wear and tear. 

Treat the property with respect 

Be conscious about treating your rental property with respect so as to minimize damage as far as is possible. For instance, it is a good idea to encourage the children to play with their bicycles and balls outside only and to use the correct cleaning products to care for floors and windows. 

Pay in full and on time 

If you have made late rental payments or missed a few altogether, your landlord is entitled to take any outstanding amount out of your deposit when you vacate the property. It is easy to prevent this from happening by keeping up to date with your rent for the duration of your occupancy. 

Hire experts for end of tenancy cleaning 

The cleaner the property is when you move out, the higher the chances that you’ll get your rental deposit back in full. As a result, it is certainly worthwhile hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company to take on this responsibility on your behalf. These companies usually offer a guarantee, which is great peace of mind during such a stressful time. 

Attend the outgoing inspection 

It is always recommended for tenants to attend the outgoing inspection in person so that they can discuss any concerns or address any allegations directly with the rental agent and landlord. If you are there in person, you can negotiate and openly discuss any issues – plus, you won’t be faced with any nasty surprises regarding your deposit a few weeks after moving out. 

Go out of your way to look after the property and actively document any damage that exists or takes place during your occupancy, and you will be one step closer to getting your deposit back with minimal hassles or fuss. Good luck! 

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