How to Scale a Tech Start-Up

How to Scale a Tech Start-Up


Tech start-ups are usually very exciting ventures for the owners and employees. However, when a start-up begins to experience success, it can be difficult to take advantage of this and truly start to grow the business. This is something that even established industry professionals struggle with to this day. Make no doubt about it: it’s very difficult to scale any start-up, let alone a tech-based one. 

The good news, though, is that it is possible to scale successfully. To do so, make sure to put the following tips and tricks into action: 

Choose Microservices Architecture 

Over recent years, the bubble has burst for the old-school monolith architecture that developers had previously been using for decades. 

Now, it’s all about using microservices architecture – which is the modern and better alternative. 

This is because microservices enable greater flexibility and agility. Moreover, scaling is made easier, too. Don’t believe it? The likes of Netflix, Amazon, and other big brands in the tech industry have all switched to microservices over the past decade, as they know it’s the best way for them to grow moving forward. 

Plus, many forward-thinking tech companies are now using service meshes. Discover what is service mesh and how it can help your tech start-up when it comes to developing applications. 

Hire Remote Employees 

From cloud engineers to iOS developers, there are tons of remote employees you can hire for your start-up. 

Hiring remotely is great for start-ups that want to grow, as it gives them an unlimited pool of talent to choose from. They could live in a completely different state or even country – it doesn’t matter. Hiring remote employees is the future for businesses that want to grow whilst adopting an efficient workforce

Start Google Ad Campaigns 

Whether your tech start-up focuses on app development or cloud solutions, you need to get eyes on your products. One of the best – and most effective – ways to do this is by starting Google Ads campaigns. 

Luckily, Google Ads are relatively cheap to test for start-ups. You can begin on a smaller scale before eventually increasing the size of your ad campaigns if you’re happy with the results. 

In 2022, small to medium-size businesses spend (on average) $9000 to $10,000 per month on Google Ads. Although this sounds like a lot for a tech start-up, the pay-off is more than worth it; as your brand engagement and sales will likely go significantly upwards. 

Additionally, don’t forget to use social media platforms – such as Facebook and Instagram – to run additional ad campaigns if you want to tap into specific demographics, such as young students. 

Consider an Angel Investor

When businesses are aiming to grow, they usually get various loans. Over recent years, there’s been an emergence of a new trend which has seen many start-ups turn to angel investors. An angel investor is someone who provides capital for a start-up in exchange for ownership equity. It’s strongly worth considering for start-ups who want to scale quickly and efficiently.

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