How to Select the Most Appropriate Wheelchair Ramp

How to Select the Most Appropriate Wheelchair Ramp


Well, wheelchair ramps play an important role in everyone’s life at some point in time. Whether you are looking for temporary use of ramps or for permanent ones, you must consider some of the facts that will help you to choose the right one for your place. Some of the other names of wheelchair ramps are mobility ramps, scooter ramps, and handicap ramps. These are installed on different places such as anticlines, steps, and uneven surfaces making it comfortable for handicapped persons. One can easily use a wheelchair, rollators, walkers, and other mobility things. To find out the best wheelchair ramps, consider the following points below. 

Specific details regarding your mobility device 

Without knowing particular details about your mobility device, you risk selecting a ramp that is either too narrow or incapable of supporting the weight of your scooter or wheelchair. Make a note of the device’s length and width, as well as the estimated combined weight of the device, accessories, user, and caregiver (if appropriate). The majority of dimensions and weights are typically available on the manufacturer’s website. In this manner, you’ll have a clear notion of the necessary minimum dimensions and weight capacity. If you are interested in track ramps that accommodate only the wheels of a wheelchair or scooter, you need also to determine the tire width. Additionally, please keep in mind that the majority of manufacturers specify a maximum permitted incline for their mobile devices – no wheelies on the ramp!

Is a threshold ramp a viable option? 

While raised landings and transitions through doorways may appear to be minor inconveniences, they can be a significant issue for anyone who uses a wheelchair, rollator, or walker, as well as anyone who has difficulties elevating their feet extremely high. Threshold ramps solve this problem by easing the transition, allowing for easy access, and making travel completely painless. These ramps can be big inclined planes similar to regular wheelchair ramps or smaller elements of construction that provide a slope on each side of an uneven transition. The majority of ramps are constructed of aluminum or rubber, and they often have some type of slip-resistant surface to offer an extra layer of safety. This slip-resistant surface is critical for ADA door threshold ramps used at exterior doorways, as these are the most prone to become wet.

How wide should your ramp be? 

To decide the appropriate ramp width for your needs, you must take into account the dimensions of your wheelchair and the additional space required to travel the ramp. To begin, you need to determine the breadth of your wheelchair or scooter’s wheelbase. A wheelchair ramp’s minimum clear width should be 36 inches. Oftentimes, this means that the application’s width must be at least 42 inches to accommodate the handrail’s clearance from any other surface.

Are steel wheelchair ramps a viable alternative? 

If aluminum or wooden ramps do not appear to meet your specific demands, steel or iron wheelchair ramps are another possibility. Iron is frequently utilized in building applications since it is generally less expensive and slightly stronger than aluminum. It is occasionally used to construct wheelchair ramps. However, due to its high density, it is better suited to permanent installations. Both steel and iron should be galvanized to prevent corrosion, but even then, this material is far better suited to dry locations with little rain or snow, unless it also features an open-mesh surface.


Wheelchair ramps are a necessary piece of equipment for individuals who encounter physical hurdles and barriers while engaging in everyday mobile activities. They are available in a range of shapes and configurations to fit a variety of uses and applications. They provide users of wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, walkers, and other assistive mobility equipment with safe, secure access over uneven terrain, steps, and inclines. 

We discussed the most critical elements to consider when choosing the ideal ramp for your needs from EZ Access, such as permanent versus movable ramps, and how different construction materials and designs function better in different climates. 

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