Here is How Self-Check-In Works and How to Set It Up For Your Airbnb


Offering your visitors the option of self-check-in on Airbnb is an excellent way to enhance their stay. Indeed, self-check-in has grown in popularity in recent years. This is unsurprising since an automated and seamless check-in procedure saves you time and offers a flawless guest experience from the outset.

Learn how to implement an Airbnb self-check-in procedure for your short-term rental and how to make the process as seamless as possible for both you and your visitors.

What is the self-check-in feature on Airbnb?

In a nutshell, Airbnb self-check-in is a simple feature that enables visitors to get entry to your home through a key lockbox, smart lock, or keypad. Your visitors will just need a code to get access to your home. This removes the requirement for your physical presence.

Which vacation rental self-check-in concepts are the most popular?

The first step in establishing the self-check-in procedure is to put a lockbox or a smart lock on the handle or wall of your door. Additionally, you may use key exchange services to provide a stress-free key transfer procedure. Let’s take a deeper look at these popular alternatives to determine which is the best fit for your Airbnb home.

1. Airbnb’s intelligent lock

A smart lock operates based on a security code that can be generated, activated, and deleted remotely using a smart device (usually, a smartphone). The visitor will be able to enter your property using this code. August Smart Lock Pro and Yale Assure Lock SL are two of the finest smart locks to choose from.

A smart lock is the most convenient and secure kind of door lock available. They are controlled by your smartphone, and you can quickly change the lock code remotely after each visitor checks out to guarantee your future guests have complete privacy.

2. Services for key exchange

Utilizing key exchange services such as KeyNest or Keycafe is another method to automate your self-check-in procedure. Additionally, Airbnb hosts may monitor the collecting and usage of keys in real-time. Both organizations have hundreds of sites around North America where hosts may leave keys for guests to pick up at a time that is convenient for them. KeyNest provides thousands of 24-hour lockers to European Airbnb hosts, often every few blocks in the majority of metropolitan areas.

EveryDoor is another key exchange service that hosts may use. every door offers a remote-controlled, keyless self-check-in service. A visitor may get admission to your house through a phone call or by entering a unique pin code. This allows them to access your home and get the keys, which they may then use normally.

3. Lockbox for Airbnb

A lockbox is a compact storage device that has been developed to safely and securely hold the keys to your rental property. It is very secure, and visitors will just need a code to open it. There are many lockbox systems available, each with a unique lock design. There are many types of lockboxes available, including push-button lockboxes, dial lockboxes, wheel lockboxes, and electronic or smart lockboxes.

If you’re looking for a lockbox in the higher price bracket, consider the Igloohome Smart Keybox. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you may choose the Master Lock 5424D Portable Lock Box or the Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox.

How do you explain your Airbnb visitors’ self-check-in instructions?

Including instructions for self-check-in on your Airbnb listing: 

Before their arrival, your visitors should be aware of your self-check-in procedure. The good news is that Airbnb enables self-check-in for your listing. If this option is enabled, your visitors will get an automatic message three days before their arrival with check-in information. To add self-check-in to your listing, just follow these easy steps:

  • Select your listing from the Your listings section of the website.
  • Select Edit next to Guest resources.
  • Below Directions, click on Add self-check-in.
  • Select the method by which visitors will be able to reach your listing.
  • Add the instructions by following the instructions.

Creating an Airbnb message that includes comprehensive check-in instructions

Sending your visitors a customized note with your check-in instructions is a smart idea. This message is beneficial since it provides a chance to communicate briefly with visitors to demonstrate that you are prepared for their arrival.

This sort of communication is also an excellent method to urge visitors to notify you of any potential concerns before their arrival. This allows you to correct any issues that may have slipped your mind or to accommodate specific requests, increasing your chances of obtaining a five-star rating. Ensure that the following information is included in your message accompanying the self-check-in instructions:

  • Your property’s address.
  • A photograph of the front of your house and a photograph of your entranceway.
  • If a physical key will be placed in a lockbox, provide information on how visitors may locate the lockbox and the code to unlock it.
  • Codes of access to open doors (and gates if necessary).
  • Creating a template for an automatic self-check-in message
  • Create a message template to avoid delivering the same instructions again. You may email it to any person that makes a reservation with you.

Here is a little example:

How are you [guest name]?

I’m looking forward to your stay with us at [property name] tomorrow, and I’m sure you are as well! Kindly keep in mind that check-in begins at [check-in time]. The property will be ready shortly afterward. The following information will assist you with checking in:

[property name]

Address: [property’s complete address]

Password for the lockbox: [password for the lockbox]

The lockbox is located near [x] at [location]. Simply input the password to unlock the top and get the home keys.

[Wi-Fi password]

If you haven’t already, please go over my home rules. If you have any queries regarding your reservation, please see my welcome book. It includes vital information on your planned stay, as well as suggestions for the finest places to visit and activities to do.

After you’ve unpacked and settled in, please notify us using the Airbnb app if there is anything we can do to improve your stay. We are just a text message away.


[Your given name]

Smart lock vs. lockbox vs. key exchange services offered by Airbnb: 

Whichever approach you use, it is critical to remember to change the codes between stays. Not only would this increase your security, but your insurance company may mandate it.


Lockboxes are very sturdy and simple to use. While they are resilient, it is possible for visitors to accidentally harm the lockbox if they are not used to using it. For instance, if they repeatedly enter the incorrect code, the lockbox may jam.

Additionally, if the visitor fails to properly shut it, the lockbox will become open and exposed. A padlock-style lockbox attached to a railing through a metal loop is equally insecure since it is quite simple to tear them off.

On the plus side, they are far less expensive than smart locks. A more premium lockbox will cost between $120 and $170.

Smart locks 

Smart Locks are simple to operate and very secure. It enables you to keep track of who enters and exits your property. Numerous smart locks even enable you to monitor the status of a door through your phone. Additionally, unlike regular locks, they provide resistance against lock-picking. Having said that, someone can attempt to hack it.

On the downside, smart locks are costly. A competent smart lock may cost well over $200. Additionally, batteries and connectivity to a phone and Wi-Fi network are required.

Service of key exchange

It’s simple to use, inexpensive, and secure, but hosts and visitors should keep in mind that the site may not be available 24 hours a day. Additionally, several hosts lament the lack of close places in their neighborhood.


Both visitors and hosts are making use of Airbnb’s self-check-in alternatives. It’s easy to use, handy, and time-saving. If you’re afraid that it will seem too impersonal, keep in mind that you may send a customized greeting or even leave a handmade welcome letter and gift to assist your visitors in feeling at home. By making your directions plain and self-explanatory, you can be guaranteed that your visitors will not penalize you throughout the check-in process. Utilize a channel manager for vacation rentals to simplify your business operations.

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