How to Use Bondic Plastic Welder

How to Use Bondic Plastic Welder


Bondic plastic welder is a unique liquid glue designed by a dentist that dries tough and durable plastic. This UV adhesive glue comes with a plastic bottle and it has a thin adhesiveness that makes it look like glue. Its plastic glue is only hardened when you need it and won’t dry out like regular glue. Before having one, you have to know how you can use a bondic plastic welder properly. 

Basically, the use of Bondic plastic welder is very easy to use and anyone can utilize it. With the three simple steps, you can use this glue. You just have to clean the material that you want to attach and apply the Bondic glue on the broken part. After that, use the Ultraviolet light on the liquid plastic and it will harden instantly. To know more details about this, keep reading this article. 

Features of Bondic Plastic Welder Kit

Bondic Plastic Welder has many features that will increase your interest in buying one if you know them. Below we talk about some of the main features of this UV plastic welder.

Water and Heat-Resistant

Bondic glue is completely waterproof, so you can use this glue underwater to repair leaking pipes or pipe holes. According to the notaglue website, this glue can be used in a temperature range of -40 degrees celsius to 150 degrees celsius. Within that range, you can use this plastic liquid without any trouble.


This glue is absolutely unique from any other glue that is sticky and messy. The best thing about this glue is it is not sticky and doesn’t fasten to your finger. You just have to wait a few moments to examine the results after applying this glue.

Safe to Use

Most of the glue is irritating to the skin which can cause dangerous health problems. In this case, bondic has no harmful chemicals that can create health issues. Although, contact with the skin, eyes, and inhalation can be harmful to health.


Traditional glue is not working on uneven and most of the materials. On the other hand, Bondic plastic Welder works almost all the materials even on rough surfaces. This glue perfectly works on plastics, metals, wood, and other materials.

Easy to Use

for using Bondic glue, you don’t require expertise. It requires nothing to apply it, you just have to apply the plastic liquid and use the UV light on the liquid. You can use this glue lifetime.

In What Situations Could You Use Bondic Plastic Welder

AS per the bondic guide, this glue can be used to make new products or fixing a missing or damaged part. Traditional glue is required, you always hold the broken part for an extended time. In this case, Bondic doesn’t require holding for a long time.  Here we have listed a number of situations where this glue comes in handy.

  • Filling gaps
  • Replacing missing items
  • Making molds
  • Replacing missing or broken water or damage
  • Managing control bond strength
  • Fixing or attach microwave oven racks

How to Use Bondic Plastic Welder

The use of Bondic Plastic Welder is very easy, you just have to follow only three steps. Below we have explained it only requires the following three steps to use this glue. 

  • First, select the area where you apply this glue and clean and smooth surface.
  • After cleaning, apply a sufficient amount of plastic liquid to the cracked part.
  • Now expose the LED UV light on the glue applied part so it can toughen.

Why Is Bondic Better Than General Glue?

First of all, Bondic glue is not a type of regular glue, but you use this glue for the same purpose. You will get the best outcome if we compare it to general glue. Because Bondic Plastic Welder can be used on anything. Unlike other glue, Bondic glue works perfectly on glass, metal, plastic, wet items, including leaky pipes. With a sufficient amount of glue on the broken item, it archives a permanent bond, and also a temporary fix depending on your choice. 

General glue is very adhesive and messy and tough to wash if it is poured on an undesirable area. On the other hand, with Bondic, you just have to wipe the area where the liquid is poured with the wet cloth. One of the most disturbing things about regular glue is, it dries up very quickly. In that case, Bondic dries when you expose the UV light into it. It stays liquid until you expose the light on it.

Is Bondic Designed for Long-Term Use?

Bondic is one kind of resilient adhesive that you will find on the market. Anyone who has used any other type of glue before knows that most glue can only form a temporary bond. For example, you may use general glue to quickly repair your broken sunglasses, then the earlobes snap the next time you use them.

This plastic welding tool creates bonds that last far longer than regular glue. If you want a strong bond, you can use one layer inside the broken part and use the second layer on the top. In this way, the bonding could last for months, years, and even longer.


Bondic Plastic welder enables users to fix personal goods as well as other materials. This glue works where regular glue fails. It uses a unique liquid plastic welder and Ultraviolet light to fix any cracks. Besides, you can use this adhesive in almost all types of materials, even in water and warm places. 

Basically, this glue takes 4 seconds to dry up and always depends on your choice. When you expose the UV light to the liquid it becomes tougher. Although it is very easy to use, you have to know the right way to use it. So, follow our guidelines on how you can use a bondic plastic welder properly. In this way, you can easily repair any broken component with ease.

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