How to Write a Meaningful Obituary

How to Write a Meaningful Obituary

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences one can ever have, but remembering a loved one and sharing your feelings with the world will be a little helpful. You can do this by penning your heart to paper and turning it into an obituary. You can send the obituary to everyone personally, publish it on a newspaper or social media. It should be well structured and you should try involving pictures of your loved one. 

In a modern funeral tribute, the obituary informs people that a death has taken place and also mentions the details of the funeral, memorial service, and/or internal arrangements. With the help of obituary personalization, a meaningful summary of a person’s life can be understood. 

How does Obituary Personalization work?

First, with a pen, paper, or computer, write the key points that must be included. The writeup can be later transferred to the funeral trifold. 

1. Starting with the full name of the deceased, date and place of birth, and the place of death, age at the time of death. If you wish you can include where the deceased life and the cause of death. 

2. Start with a summary of the deceased life, you can start with the birth, the memorable moments you remember dearly, after reading the obituary the known person will form an emotional connection. Prepare the first draft, and pour your heart out, you can edit it later. 

3. You can list relatives, close to the person, he/she can be living and deceased. Usually, the obituary has the names of the deceased’s parents, siblings, and children, as well as spouse/partner, but only the number of grandchildren is mentioned. 

4. Mention the details of the funeral or memorial service and reception, so that it’s easier for the attendees to reach there, add a phone number of the service if it’s more convenient to you in that way. 

5. Add photos of the deceased, you can add clear memorable pictures with the family which you can cherish. Obituaries are also miniature funerals for the ones who can not make it to the funeral. 

6. If you have set up a charity or a memorial fund, you can mention it which will help transfer donations in honor or memory of the deceased.

A modern funeral tribute will take the weight off your shoulders with obituary personalization on funeral trifold. 

Make Sure You’ve Gotten Everything Right

After writing the obituary, you may feel overwhelmed, after giving yourself some time go through your draft again and see how it fits on the funeral trifold. Make sure that you also include the middle name, maiden name, or any suffixes or titles. Have someone else from your knowns read the obituary. 

Finalizing The Obituary

Check the length and how it fits in the funeral tri-folds, always be vary of the costing and design. This might affect the length of your obituary. You can also publish the obituary in newspapers, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

A trifold should be able to tell the full story of a loved one’s life. Therefore, while choosing an obituary trifold, checkout design, themes, and colors which does justice to your loved ones. Going for a modern funeral tribute makes sense because the elements show the personality of your deceased loved ones. It takes most of the work away from you and you can give time to your emotions to adjust naturally. 

Like the funeral, the obituary acknowledges the passing of our close one, celebrating the life that the person lived, sharing the parts that everyone may not be knowing. Loving the participation of the family makes the person loving and kind. An obituary should be well thought out work of the heart, one that is informative, expressive, and easily readable. Just make sure you choose the right service provider who can ensure products to be delivered within a day. If you’re looking for trifold and obituary personalization, visit, they will assist you with a wide range of options and next day services. They’ll make sure that they understand the requirements and the prerequisites, and deliver as per your needs. 

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