I play Computer system online games standing up, and you should way too

I play Computer system online games standing up, and you should way too


By pretty much any metric, I’m a decidedly average gamer. I might be excellent at making gaming PCs, but throw me into a modern competitive video game and I’ll settle down in the center of the pack, with a genuinely unremarkable eliminate-to-loss of life ratio. Just one detail I extremely much do otherwise than any person else I know, nevertheless, is that I enjoy my game titles standing up.

And I feel you ought to also.

Really do not permit this 5’5″ journo appear down on you from a standing desk and foam-topped rocker. Join me. Enjoying Personal computer online games standing up is excellent.

Conserving spines and bouncing toddlers

Someone playing Rocket League at a standing desk.
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As a entire-time author and devoted nerd, I could conveniently spend 99% of my do the job and leisure time sitting down. Whether I’m typing, seeing, actively playing, reading through, portray, or tabletop roleplaying, sitting down is the default position for all of it, so unsurprisingly, I encountered my 1st grownup mini-boss in my early 20s when I ran headfirst into continual again problems.

Switching to a standing desk aided with that — immensely — as a range of scientific studies have shown it ought to. What commenced as a stack of packing containers piled haphazardly on a circular table I purloined from a prolonged-shuttered café finished up as the a lot extra indulgent Uplift V2. Whether or not I was working with a jerry-rigged standing option, or the nuanced and silent motor-driven adjustable desk I have now, the rewards I enjoyed from switching my play time to standing rather of sitting down have been dramatic.

My posture has enhanced, I’ve stayed fitter and much healthier, and I have dodged some of the far more unsavory wellness issues that have plagued my in the same way aged and a lot more sedentary colleagues. It even assisted my psychological health soon immediately after the beginning of my daughter by allowing my rest-deprived head drift off into the expansive wilderness of Valheim though I bounced her to sleep in a carrier.

A dad standing and gaming with a baby in a carrier.
This is mainly me if I did far more preacher curls. Raphye Alexius/GettyImages

It meant I could invest time with my spouse also. Early in 2021, we were being unable to go away our home outdoors of a short doggy wander thanks to pandemic lockdown actions, and with a sleeping newborn, we were being passing ships in the wind. But with a standing desk that allow me recreation whilst I held my daughter from missing rest — at the very least 1 of us was acquiring what we essential — my wife and I bought to construct the longhouse of our dreams and approach our upcoming assault on Bonemass.

She talked, I typed, and most importantly, our daughter slept even though we expended some high quality time collectively albeit nearly from a couple rooms absent. It was heavenly and only probable since I was standing even though gaming.

Sport space ergonomics

Health and fitness- and marriage-retaining benefits aside, even though, participating in your online games standing up can also boost the physical format of your video game place. When you probably would — and possibly need to — consider gain of an adjustable desk to perform even though both equally sitting down and standing, at least to begin with, getting your desk at in close proximity to-chest height opens up a lot of area beneath for other matters.

Commonly have your Computer on your desk? Stick it beneath there and delight in lowered noise levels by placing many toes and a hunk of wood between you and the whirring fans — just make sure the cables are extended enough to reach when the desk is at equally sit and stand heights.

If you can go away your desk standing as a a lot more long term answer, you can even adhere full other items of home furnishings beneath it. Lesser desks and chests of drawers make wonderful stands for unwieldy printers and scanners, or if you don’t have any small hands that’d get at it, it’s not a lousy put to retail store your VR headset and package both.

It’s perilous to go by yourself

Herman Miller X Logitech Standing Desk and gaming PC.
Standing desks do not have to be unexciting or utilitarian. This Herman Miller X Logitech style and design is stylish, quality, and pretty “gamery.” Logitech

The dilemma with switching from sitting down for prolonged durations to standing for extended durations is that it is tiring. It usually takes a very good few weeks or even months to modify to the more load it destinations on your physique, and I’ve gone by many agonizing levels as my ft, calves, and lower back again obtained utilized to the new function they experienced to do although I played. I’ve used each rubber mats and a foam-coated rocker to relieve the strain on my feet, and I’ll sometimes toss on a pair of the deeply unfashionable Vibram FiveFingers sneakers if I need a very little more enable sidestepping plantar fasciitis.

I was also forced by way of my personal eccentricities to perform a extreme cable-tidying regimen. One particular of the downsides to a standing desk is that any spaghetti of wiring you have hiding underneath it becomes obvious for all to see at the time you raise up the obfuscating desk. I’ve utilized cable tidies, cable runners, and even a minimal duct tape to hold my wiring out of sight and out of head.

I did have one panicked adjustment when my webcam cable proved much too shorter and practically ripped apart my desktop’s I/O, but it all labored out in the stop.

Significantly, double-test your cable lengths at all heights.

Stand -up gaming doesn’t have to be for lifestyle

Woman shouting with joy while playing games on a PC.
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You really don’t have to be a stand-up gamer to gain from standing up although gaming. If you have at any time felt good obtaining a stretch in the center of a multihour gaming session, you can presently imagine the gain from switching from sitting to standing, just for an hour or so. It receives you up and transferring in approaches that you just just can’t though sitting, and that will have no conclusion to positive aspects to your all round physical and mental well-getting.

It is undoubtedly aided mine. My daughter no more time needs rocking to sleep as she once did, but my stand-up gaming regimen has held potent. I respect it’s a market obsession It’s about as common as my beloved toe-shoes. But if even a few of you give it a go, outing myself as that oddball who’s rocking again-and-forth while running my Mount & Blade armies will have been nicely well worth it.

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