Is an IB School the Right Choice for your Child?

IB School the Right Choice

School education is the primary topic of concern for most parents. It is important because a high school education is no longer an achievement but a stepping stone to a successful or even moderately comfortable life. As a parent, you do everything from research to enquiring other parents about how to pick the right school. You must also not forget to look into different schooling options and educational boards to find out what is best for your child. 

What is the goal of providing good education to your child? It all comes down to making a living and standing up on one’s own two feet. IB board is one such recognized curriculum that allows students to gain practical experience to face the real world instead of just theory-based knowledge. IB schools in Delhi, such as Genesis Global School offer IB teaching for all age groups that promote deep learning and encourages creative and critical thinking. 

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What is an IB Programme?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate – a widely popular curriculum among parents seeking a well-rounded and international education for their children. It provides a more practical and application-based approach towards learning. Also, IB examinations test the students’ knowledge and the skills they acquire, not their memory and speed.

There are three programmes for students between 3-18 years old:

  • The Primary Years Programme (PYP) for children aged between 3-12
  • The Middle Years Programme (MYP) for children aged between 11-16
  • The Diploma Programme (DP) for students aged 16-19 and grants entry to universities across the globe

How Beneficial are IB Schools in Delhi for your Child?

To know if IB schools in Delhi can be the right fit for your child or not, let us know more about the benefits it offers and the avenues it opens.

  • Fosters a Liberal Mindset

IB schools in Delhi provide not only intellectual growth but also play an essential role in making the child emotionally intelligent. IB board focuses on making students happy, confident and fulfilled; as the emphasis is on overall development and not only academics. 

While selecting a school, ensure that it practices the values and skillsets of the IB to the fullest, is open-minded and has a liberal teaching approach. IB schools in Delhi makes sure that each child’s unique personalities get appreciated and that they are allowed to portray their ideas freely. 

  • Time Management Skills

The IB program has a strict structure and format, including deadlines. Students are required to submit self-written assignments and essays that contain original thought. It helps to teach punctuality and prioritizes creativity.

The marking schemes encourage effective communication among students and teachers. Marks are rewarded for language that is clear and concise, and for well-organized and formatted essays and reports. Both these characteristics ingrains essential skills required for a child’s career, as well as the overall quality of life.

Will IB Schools in Delhi Enable Admission in Renowned Universities?

The growing recognition of the IB with prominent institutions such as; Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League universities and other famed institutions across the world, has inevitably contributed to its popularity among students and parents alike. Top universities look for students who can demonstrate proficiency in a wide range of subjects as well as showcase their practical knowledge. 

Comprehensive educational approach is a key strength of the IB board, which ensures students gain a thorough grounding in a range of academic as well as extracurricular disciplines. It is an essential component when preparing a student for the demands of university-level courses. IB schools in Delhi conduct inquiry and research that fosters independence in learning. 

So, begin your child’s unstoppable journey with reputable IB schools in Delhi.

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