10 Quick SEO Tweaks to Improve Your Website Visibility in 2022


To provide the ultimate search results to the users, the search engines advance their algorithms constantly. Therefore, the metrics they used to rank the position of a website have been in constant change. It makes it hard for a website to remain high on the search engine results page (SERP). It means now that more efforts need to be undertaken in the optimization and digital marketing strategies. Your efforts will ultimately pay off if you follow the right strategy, which will boost the Website visibility of your website. In this article, we consider some tweaks and hacks that you can use to boost your SEO efforts and rank your website higher on the Search engine results page.

1. Responsive web design

Many people today access the internet through their smartphones. Therefore, it is crucial to make your website as responsive as possible. It should be accessible to various view-ports like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other screen sizes. According to Statista, today, the number of smartphone users has surpassed 6 billion. We expect that the number will increase even more in the coming days. Having a responsive website improves your domain’s website visibility. It also ensures that various search engines favorably rank you. Because the responsiveness enables the content to be seen and read easily, making people stay on your website.

Today, you don’t have to have all the devices to test it. There are applications and software you can install to check if your website design is responsive on mobile, tablets, laptops, television, and desktops. These browser-based tools will allow you to determine if your website renders itself beautifully and effectively on any of the mentioned devices. This is crucial because the number of people balking after landing on your website could cause potential losses in sales and conversions.

2. Having top quality content

Content is the core of any website or online marketing. The higher the quality of your content, the greater the possibility of ranking by the search engines. For quality content, you can hire premium content writing services. Therefore, your content needs to be engaging and eye-catching to drive traffic to your site. Before the search engine ranks a website, search engine bots crawl the content to check its quality. Unfortunately, quality content is prone to be scrapped by malicious bots. Google, for instance, does not index content that does not provide solutions to online users. This means that your project’s keyword ranking performance and score metrics on the search engine results page will be lower.

Aside from the useful links incorporated, if the content adds value to the product and is informative, it will rank higher on SERP. Many organizations provide service on this aspect, so you don’t have to put your neurons into overdrive coming up with lengthy articles by yourself. Search for the best organizations with excellent reputations to help you create effective content for your brand.

3. Comprehensive content

Comprehensive content highly attracts a higher ranking on the search engine results page. According to research conducted by Backlinko on a dataset of 11.8 million URLs, they found that the websites with comprehensive content outperformed those that did not have in-depth content in SERP ranking. Therefore, ensure that you have in-depth content that has no gaps, and website visibility will improve. One Sydney SEO expert suggests that Google’s forthcoming ‘Helpful Content Update’ will have a significant role in the way that search engines rank in future.

4. Publishing recent content

To facilitate a continuous and quick generation of the latest content, Google introduced Caffeine in 2010. It means that Google will rank sites from the latest content to the oldest on the search engine results page. Those ranked at the top are logically more visible than the ones at the bottom. Therefore, it makes sense to have more recent content to improve your website visibility.

5. Comprehensive keyword data research

Keywords determine the content that the search engine renders on its results page. Hence, they are the backbone of SEO. If you do not use the right keyword, the search engine cannot index your content. It is not adequate to make content that people cannot find on the web. Therefore, to boost your website visibility, include a target keyword in all your posts. To do this effectively, comprehensive research on keywords is a necessity. It would be best if you, however, took care to avoid stuffing your content with the keyword. Search engines penalize this that can hurt your ranking. Through conducting keyword research, you can increase your visibility on the search engine. Having keyword information can help you tailor your content to meet the needs of your followers, which improves your position in SERP. This is mostly by driving traffic to your website improving its visibility.

6. Using backlinks

Backlinks refer to the links on other websites that point back to your websites. Having more backlinks on a website drastically improves your Website visibility. As a result, you get higher organic rankings and traffic. It is worth checking what percentage of that traffic is bot-generated. Backlinks are among the three top search ranking factors used by Google. Therefore, the more backlinks you have, the higher the ranking of your website by the search engine. However, your backlinks should come from authoritative sources that have relevant content. Not all backlinks help improve website visibility. If you really want to rank high on SERP, you need to invest in a credible backlinking strategy and try to know what is a white hat backlink? and how it can successfully do the job for your enterprise. Below are some hacks to get high link authority:

  • Building the resources page link: this involves getting inbound links from high link authority sites that point out valuable resources in the industry. It can be the quickest way to improve your Website visibility.
  • Building guest post links: the effectiveness of this depends on the quality of your content. It must be of top quality.

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7. Ensure that the website is secure

If you have a plan to boost the visibility of your website and get higher rankings on a search engine, ensure that the website is safe. Not doing so negatively affects the visibility performance because the SEO efforts aren’t working. Users today are more sensitive to cybersecurity issues. In addition, Google prioritizes secure sites. Therefore, if you do not implement security on your website, it will affect your position in the SERP. You can easily do this using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It encrypts all the traffic between the user and the server, ensuring that third parties like malicious cybercriminals and bots cannot compromise. Having SSL can make a user stay longer on your website as their safety is guaranteed. Therefore, the visibility of your website and SERP rank improve.

8. Having a short loading time

Fifty three percent of mobile users abandon a site if it takes over three seconds to load. Hence, the high-ranked sites on the SERP have high speeds. High speed is among the crucial aspects for a user and search engine. Google, for example, does not rank slow websites. It can negatively affect your visibility on an online search. Many searchers are not tolerant of slow sites. Therefore, optimize the images on your website, install a few plugins, and use caching plugins. Test your website for things that are slowing down your website. Faster sites improve the visibility of your website and have top ranks on the results page of the search engine.

9. Applying meta descriptions in your posts

Meta descriptions and title tags add relevance to your web pages help improve SERP rankings. For content without meta descriptions, the search engine shows the users random summaries. Many people read the summary before opening a link; hence having a meta description can help improve the visibility of your website. Your click-through rate (CTR) rapidly reduces when a search engine selects a non-compelling text link to be your summary. Having meta descriptions that are well written all over your page enables the search engine to present a compelling content summary. It attracts more people making the CTR increase. Hence your website visibility is boosted.

A compelling meta description will give your audience an effective overview of the WIIFM of an article. And this will be enough for them to click and open the site.

10. Properly formatted webpages

Are you looking to increase your online visibility? Then SEO strategy for your B2B company should start with the proper development of the website. Ensure the pagination and organization of pages on the website are correct. It would help if you placed the navigation menus where a user can view them easily. The color scheme should not make the user strain. The other thing is proper domain formatting. It should be legible and easy to recall.

By improving the user experience, you improve the visibility of your website and its rank in the SERP.


Our website must be visible for you to monetize it. Therefore, it is a must for you to undertake various measures, as seen above, to boost its visibility. Measures to improve the ranking on the SERP are necessary. Other hacks include image optimization, publishing content frequently, making a point of understanding how ranking algorithms work, and using long-tail keywords.

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