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Are you a coffee shop owner who is temperamentally an introvert, or who owns a coffee joint of his own, serving the best coffee in Toronto? One of the biggest hurdles you may face as a business owner is the facet of approachability at coffee shops. Oftentimes, when a newbie enters into the coffee world, they aren’t able to recognize or pronounce certain types of coffee. What even is a macchiato? Those coffee types with a foreign name aren’t easy to pronounce or tell apart. It can often be an intimidating experience for those coming into this space for the first few times – especially when it is just to get a cup of coffee. 

So, let’s check …

How coffee shop owners can make the coffee experience more approachable in Canada? 

Through Education! 

Educating your in-coming customers makes their decision-making process far easier than when you don’t. Here are a few ways to educate your customers. 

  • Host Cuppings

For those who don’t know what cuppings are, they are essentially coffee tastings. The cuppings are far more common among the coffee farmers, buyers and even roasters, in order to evaluate various coffee flavours, varieties and assess the quality as well.

But hosting Best coffee cuppings at Toronto for customers allows them room to learn about the different coffee varieties and appreciate coffee at a different level. In fact, ordering and sending out coffee samples along with standard coffee orders allow the customers to test out a plethora of coffee types during this pandemic season. Make use of this opportunity!

  • Organize Brewing Classes

Home coffee machine owners and instant coffee drinkers have no idea about the coffee brewing process, which obviously indicates their level of knowledge about brewing. Figuring out the different grinds of coffee and using the v60 technique to brew an excellent cup of coffee, is a hard task for a first-timer. Organizing a class on how to brew coffee will make it easier for customers to choose their coffee grinds and brewing techniques they prefer. 

  • Approachable Baristas

It can be quite embarrassing for customers to walk into a new cafe and try to figure out what to order. It is even more daunting if the customer is unable to approach a barista, feeling quite dumb asking about the different types of coffee. Having approachable baristas can help ease that process. 

  • Educative Baristas

Baristas should be approachable and proactive in asking as well as explaining the specials on the menu, gauging the tone of the customer and suggest them to try in a friendly manner. Doing so enhances the customer experience at any coffee house, easing them into making a decision on a drink or a bag of coffee, according to the preferences mentioned by the consumer. 

  • Increased Interaction on Socials

In today’s age and day, being able to get in touch with your customers and having a dedicated platform to answer coffee-based queries, on-the-go, is super helpful. Even for customers willing to share feedback on the coffees, they try, showing off a much-loved coffee brand or appreciate their favourite barista’s service is all part of the coffee consuming experience. Facilitating increased interaction on social media platforms can not only boost the customer experience but also improve a brand’s online presence. So, get to it!

  • Video Content Creation

As many specialty coffee shops grow in the coffee industry, so does its presence on social media platforms. Referring customers to experienced coffee specialist channels on YouTube and other such socials can teach them more about coffee or how to go about making their first cup of coffee is part of the education program. 

Having mentioned all these techniques to drive the approachability factor , this is a callout to the best Toronto coffee shops, asking them to embrace educating their customers about the specialty coffee industry and make every cup of coffee memorable for all your customers. 

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