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A glaive is a Medieval sword, a European instrument of war. An unlikely identify for a North Carolina kid earning hyper-accelerated potential-dealing with pop tunes, but then, Ash Gutierrez has usually experienced a pattern of slicing by means of the obstructions in his way.

Lately granted a characteristic slot on Equipment Gun Kelly’s most recent single, his profile would seem to be exploding with each individual passing day. TikTok adores him, an Instagram army patiently awaits just about every new photos, and tracks like ‘astrid’ – a 100 2nd long rule-breaking discourse – have racked up more than 25 million performs, and counting.

So, he’s a little little bit unique. Kevin Summary can see that, also, and the pair starting off chatting online about a calendar year back. A a person-off session took spot ahead of Kevin led BROCKHAMPTON back again out on the road, completing what could properly be their very last at any time batch of dwell demonstrates.

Returning to Los Angeles, the pair joined once a lot more, with Kevin Abstract helming an unbelievably distinctive photoshoot for Glaive. In a way, it is a move emblematic of each artists: Glaive is amazing all those people in his path, and Kevin just would like to system new voices, and utilise his activities in a fresh way.

Clash is capable to current the imagery in entire for the pretty 1st time, alongside a complete Q&A with both equally artists.


This shoot feels seriously specific, how did it come about?

Glaive: I didn’t even know that Kevin was doing photography! And then I noticed a person of the shoots that he did and I was like, this is tremendous ill! And I just instructed my manager, I want to do something like this. And he was like, just DM him.

Kevin Summary: We were now close friends, we have been in the studio right before, sending each other new music back again and forth. I feel it just created feeling. It felt like it would be purely natural.

Glaive: People can be excellent at audio but it surely makes you want to hold out with any individual or collaborate with somebody when they are also just nice! And they’re on the exact wavelength. I consider that’s why I was like, let’s do this shoot simply because Kevin’s truly tremendous sick and in fact super wonderful. So it will work out.

Kevin: It was fairly chill on the day. We experienced a bunch of distinct clothes. We finished up type of chasing this Mario Sorrenti glance, aesthetically, particularly on the drafts that I had on the wall. There was so quite a few photos. And we variety of just chased some thing that felt truthful to him and where by he is right now in his job. It was intended to come to feel intimate and handmade and DIY… designed with treatment, even though. That was the vibe for it.

Glaive: I experienced no thought what to anticipate for the reason that to be honest, in my musical profession, I haven’t carried out that numerous image shoots… because for most of my career so significantly I have been in North Carolina, and nobody fucking lives in North Carolina!

Kevin: For absolutely sure. I was pretty robotic when I to start with moved in this article, it was all about generating songs and seeking to level up and get to the up coming level in my job, exactly where I genuinely preferred to go. It is difficult to find your tribe and obtain the folks you establish with out here but there are so lots of imaginative and inspiring folks that it’s fantastic to just keep an open up head and be open to the universe conversing to you. I assume it is just becoming hyper-targeted, a tunnel vision. I feel that is what allows you get to the good stuff, the very good individuals and the very good art.

Does generating songs and visible arts occur from the exact place, do you imagine? Or are those people distinctive spheres in your mind?

Glaive: I know for me, everything is variety of the exact same. I surely really don’t strategy tunes in a different way or strategy performing just about anything I do creatively in a different way. I write tracks or I do the deal with art – any thought I have – it all just variety of will come from the exact same place. I’m just seeking to make it realised in whichever way I chose. It’s all the identical position for me.

Kevin: I feel the exact way.  I attempt to maintain my mind activated as considerably as doable and attempt to remain performing one thing, It’s possible it is since I want to be distracted from ache or real life difficulties, regardless of what. If I’m in the studio, I’m staying out of difficulties, if I’m getting pictures I’m being out of problems, consuming significantly less, being a improved particular person. I just try out to keep generating, producing what ever it is. But to remedy the query, I undoubtedly consider it all will come from if not a related location, the exact put for guaranteed.

Glaive: For me, I just do whatever I like. And what I like listening to definitely fluctuates and variations a great deal. When I was youthful, when I was 15 and initial putting out songs, I preferred actually loud, digital new music. And which is sort of what I wanted to make so which is what I was earning. And now I pay attention to stuff that has real devices and genuine guitars.

In Conversation: glaive + Kevin Abstract

Kevin: It is further than annoying when you get pegged to a sure genre.. it is discouraging. I’m a rather delicate man and it’s just discouraging. I guess I often make time for the things I care about. If someone’s producing me come to feel like I should not target on this creative thought mainly because I probably will be much more productive performing this other idea, if I seriously treatment about the concept they’re telling me not to target on… I guess I’m mad and delusional adequate to do it anyhow! And just hope for the very best and know that I’m executing one thing to not only live a happier daily life, but because I feel that art is critical and it genuinely will help people and individuals need it proper now. I really should only be carrying out factors that are truthful to me that can aid me anyway. But irrespective of that, it is difficult when people test to box you in, specially persons you care about and individuals you trust.

Glaive: I’ve by no means even definitely told you this, Kevin, but I definitely do like the shit that you’ve accomplished. I would say the phrase is… it’s really inspiring. But that’s not the comprehensive extent to what I’m making an attempt to say. It is motivating… it is just cool. At the close of the working day, it is just amazing. There is a million terms you could use to describe it, but I think the ideal a single, even while it is a little bit simple, is interesting. It is seriously awesome.

Kevin: Effectively, I like bringing people today together. I consider soon after all this is claimed and performed I want to be remembered like a Warhol sort of figure, you know. I don’t know if I want to be remembered as just a rapper but I like rap tunes, I love rapping. I really don’t want to only be remembered as a photographer or a filmmaker, I feel just creative overall and not genuinely boxing myself in and just preserve generating things.

In Conversation: glaive + Kevin Abstract

Glaive, you are coming to London shortly, that ought to be thrilling?

Glaive: I know that if I didn’t make tunes, my prospect to vacation would be pretty, extremely constrained. I don’t appear from a family that just has hella bread and we can just go where ever we want. We just kind of stayed in our hometown throughout the summer time. So I’m incredibly energized, only for the simple fact that I have the chance to go to these spots. And I’m not even paying out, I’m getting paid to go to these areas, which is very crazy. 

Kevin: It is thrilling. I think it provides to the knowledge of becoming an artist, it influences the do the job and the way you shift, the way you dress in means you can not even like genuinely have an understanding of due to the fact it’s happening so promptly, sort of like a subconscious point. I assume, for me at minimum. I consider which is the one thing I really miss – I appreciate touring and travelling. I can’t wait around to do it for my solo stuff, my own stuff, due to the fact which is in all probability the finest portion. Producing an album you appreciate and then just becoming on the street, and then having all this new inspiration, it is enjoyment.

In Conversation: glaive + Kevin Abstract

There will have to be road blocks along the way, while.

Kevin: I believe it’s tricky in some cases because artists definitely treatment, they definitely give a fuck, and they want to be as shut to their eyesight as probable, which is remarkable. But I desire I experienced a superior equilibrium back again then. Ideally I have a superior stability shifting forward.

Glaive: I think that that’s 100% Legitimate. I believe currently being grateful for what you have, what is likely on is quite quick to say but quite challenging to do but it is fantastic to feel about.

Will the two of you perform on projects jointly, do you assume?

Glaive: I signify for me, yeah. This motherfucker has produced, maybe in my view, a person of the ideal tracks I’ve listened to in the last year and a 50 percent. This has practically nothing to do with me. I just want him to place out the fucking music. Set out the track, it is not that difficult! And certainly I’d appreciate to make a tune with him but at the conclusion of the day, I’m a fan of what’s staying done. Which is my final words for you Kevin Summary, just maintain accomplishing what you’re accomplishing.

What’s the tune, Kevin?

Kevin: (smiling) It is termed ‘Jefferson’.

In Conversation: glaive + Kevin Abstract

Words: Robin Murray
Pictures: Kevin Abstract

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