How can you increase your business customer base?

How can you increase your business customer base?

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, dictating the extent of your market share and cash flow. However, your customer base is also the ficklest element of any enterprise, requiring extreme patience and hard work before it can be expanded.


You can’t guarantee how many people you will attract to your business within a certain timeframe for the simple reason that you can’t control the actions of individuals. This can make the estimation of future business difficult and lead to cash flow issues if you overestimate demand for your services.


Having said this, there are certain tried and tested approaches you can use to improve your chances of expanding your customer base, such as increasing the number of orders you can fulfill at any one time, building long term relationships with your individual clients, positioning yourself as a leader within your industry, and constantly searching for innovative ways to increase your efficiency. 


Working to find new ways of increasing your customer base is critically important. Without it, you can quickly take your existing clients for granted and neglect to improve your services over time. By chasing new customers, you are inadvertently finding ways of improving your business, which is immensely powerful.


This is how you can increase your business’s customer base.


Increase the number of orders you can fulfill

One of the best approaches you can take to increasing your customer base is to increase the number of orders you can fulfill at any one time. This will help you to deliver your services more quickly and to more customers, eliminating the chance of supply chain issues or delivery delays. 


For example, if you run an owner/operator trucking business, then you might want to find out how to gain more operator loads. Once you have done this, it will be crucial to work out ways of dealing with the additional demand (even if you are a one person enterprise). 


Not only will this provide each customer with a superior service and therefore increase the chance of them buying from you again, but it will give you the confidence to reach out to more prospects, safe in the knowledge that you can handle the additional workload.


After all, there is nothing worse than promising the world to a whole host of customers, suddenly experiencing a surge in demand and being unable to cope. This could leave you worse off than when you started.


Build lasting relationships with clients

Another fantastic way of building your customer base is to develop lasting relationships with each customer you serve. 


This will benefit your company for a couple of key reasons.


The first is that they are more likely to trust you with larger repeat orders by developing rapport with your customers. In turn, this will increase your cash flow and make it easier to build a more solid foundation as a business.


What’s more, you will begin to understand their needs in more detail. The upshot of this is that you can tailor your products and services to their specific requirements, further bridging the gap between yourself and your competition. 


Customers want to be fully heard and feel respected by the people they hand over their hard-earned money to. The closer your relationship becomes, the less cold the business transaction will become, and the more eager they will be to make additional purchases. 


Your customers may end up becoming so enthusiastic about your service that they spread the word to family, friends, and colleagues, further building your reputation and, of course, your customer base. 


Position yourself as a leader in your industry

If you want to build a larger customer base for your business, then you need to find ways of standing out from the competition. 


Unless you offer a one-of-a-kind product that has invented a whole new industry, the chances are that you occupy a large sector that has countless different businesses competing for the lion’s share of the customer base. 


To tackle this problem, most businesses engage in a price war, in which they find ever-more extreme methods for reducing the price tags of their products – often sacrificing both quality and innovation in the process.


This is a losing mentality and will only result in you reaching the bottom of the barrel faster than everyone else. Instead, find ways of increasing your authority within the market.


A great place to start is by improving your product offerings, but you can also achieve it by creating a quasi-celebrity status in your industry.


Perhaps you are a small business owner who is passionate about what you sell. You could try guest-starring on industry-specific podcasts, YouTube channels, guest posting on other people’s blogs, or acting as an authority figure on relevant news stories, putting you at the forefront of your industry.  


These are all great ways of separating your brand from the pack and ensuring you hoover up a greater share of the market as a result.


Constantly look for ways of increasing the efficiency of your processes

One of the most powerful upshots of building a larger customer base is that it forces you to innovate. If you want to attract more customers, then you need to perform better than your rivals, deliver outstanding service, and build a reputation the hard way. 


You should therefore be constantly searching for ways to increase the efficiency of your internal processes. Examine every constituent part of your corporate machine – including product materials, staff, production processes, sales, marketing, and how you deliver your products to the customer. 


The solution might not be immediately obvious, but this will force you to think deeply about your business. When you regularly meditate on seemingly small details like this, you will be amazed by the ideas that will pour out of you. 


By taking apart each step of the process and putting the pieces back together again just that bit better, you will quickly build a far more formidable business, which can lead the field you’re in. 


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